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By | October 4, 2023

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from Expert Detectives. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying Expert Detectives Word Meanings from Honeycomb Class 7.”

Hard Words : Expert Detectives Page No.-86

Walked back = returned, retraced (वापस आना), Clinic = medical center, facility (चिकित्सालय), Monster = beast, fiend (राक्षस), Thin = slender, skinny (पतला), Afford = manage, bear (खरीद सकना), Crook = thief, outlaw (अपराधी), Run = flee, escape (भागना), Stashed away = hidden, stored (छुपाना),

Criminal = outlaw, felon (अपराधी), Doubtful = unsure, uncertain (संदिग्ध), Starving = famished, hungry (भूखा), Meals = food, eats (भोजन), Restaurant = eatery, diner (रेस्टोरेंट)

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Expert Detectives Difficult Words in English Page No.-87

Work = job, employment (काम), Possibly = maybe, perhaps (शायद), Exclaimed = shouted, declared (चिल्लाया), Hidden = concealed, secret (छुपाया हुआ), Trunk = chest, box (पेटी), Rubbish = nonsense, absurd (बकवास), Scars = marks, blemishes (निशान), Dark = not light, shadowy (अंधेरा),

Shootout = gunfight, battle (गोलीबारी), Police = law enforcement, cops (पुलिस), Burn scars = marks from burning, fire marks (जलन के निशान), Firmly = strongly, decisively (दृढ़ता से)

Good Word Meaning of Class 7 Chapter 6 Expert Detectives Page No.-88

Perhaps = maybe, possibly (शायद), Force out = eject, remove (निकालना), Unsure = doubtful, uncertain (अनिश्चित), Clinic = medical center, facility (चिकित्सालय), Gaunt = thin, emaciated (दुबला), Starving = very hungry, famished (भूखा), Knocked = tapped, banged (खटखटाया),

Marble = small round toy, glass ball (कांच), Recognised = identified, remembered (पहचाना), Thrust = push, shove (धकेलना), Peek = glance, quick look (झलक), Disappointed = let down, saddened (निराश), Questioned = interrogated, asked (पूछताछ की), Pleased = happy, satisfied (प्रसन्न), Meals = food, eats (भोजन), Tea = hot beverage, chai (चाय)

Honeycomb Chapter 6 Expert Detectives English Difficult Words Page No.-89

Particular = specific, choosy (विशेष), Chapattis = flatbreads, rotis (रोटी), Dal = lentil soup, pulses (दाल), Tips = gratuity, bonus (बक्शीश), Strange = unusual, peculiar (अजीब), Stout = sturdy, bulky (मजबूत), Spectacles = glasses, eyewear (चश्मा), Inquiries = questions, investigations (जांच),

Detectives = investigators, sleuths (जासूस), Crook = criminal, rogue (चोर), Ordinary = common, usual (सामान्य), Retorted = replied sharply, snapped back (तीक्ष्ण जवाब दिया), Housebreaker = burglar, thief (चोर), Monsoons = rainy season, wet season (मानसून), Lightning = electric flash, bolt (बिजली की चमक),

Thunder = loud noise from clouds, rumble (गरज), Downpour = heavy rain, deluge (मूसलधार वर्षा), Reopened = started again, resumed (फिर से खोलना), Flooded = inundated, waterlogged (बाढ़ ग्रस्त), Desk = table, workstation (मेज़)

Expert Detectives Class 7 Word Meaning in English Page No.-90

Tummy = stomach, belly (पेट), Chin = jaw, face-part (ठोड़ी), Cupped = held, shaped (कप आकार में), Palms = hands, insides (हथेली), Comics = cartoons, stories (कॉमिक्स)

Honeycomb Expert Detectives Class 7 English To English Word Meaning Page No.-91

Questioningly = with inquiry, inquisitively (प्रश्नपूर्वक), Alias = false name, pseudonym (उपनाम), Tenants = renters, occupants (किरायेदार), Mannerless = impolite, rude (अशिष्ट), Polite = courteous, well-mannered (शिष्ट), Medical treatment = healthcare, therapy (चिकित्सा),

Spectacled = wearing glasses, bespectacled (चश्मा पहने हुए), Grown-ups = adults, mature people (बड़े लोग), Restaurant = eatery, diner (रेस्तराँ), Listed = itemized, cataloged (सूचीबद्ध), Trap = catch, ensnare (जाल में फंसाना), Nodded = moved head, signaled (सिर हिलाना),

Discover = find out, uncover (खोजना), Scared = frightened, afraid (डरा हुआ), Visitors = guests, callers (आगंतुक)

Class 7 Chapter 6 Expert Detectives Word Meaning English Page No.-92

Bill = invoice, statement (बिल), Tips = gratuity, bonus (टिप्स), Lonely = isolated, alone (अकेला), Accomplice = partner in crime, associate (सहायक),

Loot = stolen goods, plunder (लूट), Expenses = costs, charges (व्यय), Generous = giving, charitable (उदार), Bribing = pay for favor, corrupting (रिश्वत देना),

Glared = stared angrily, scowled (गुस्से से देखना), Investigations = inquiries, probes (जांच), Cooperate = work together, collaborate (सहयोग करना),

Escaped = got away, fled (फरार हो जाना), Oaf = clumsy person, fool (मूर्ख), Attitude = mindset, viewpoint (दृष्टिकोण), Angry = mad, irritated (नाराज), Stupid = foolish, senseless (मूर्ख), Mad = angry, furious (पागल)

Expert Detectives Class 7 Word Meaning in English Page No.-93

Enquiries = questions, investigations (पूछताछ), Crook = criminal, wrongdoer (चोर), Nobody = unimportant person, nonentity (अज्ञात व्यक्ति), Bothering = troubling, annoying (परेशान करना), Thoughtful = reflective, contemplative (विचारशील), Lonely = alone, isolated (अकेला),

Recognise = identify, distinguish (पहचानना), Cops = police, law enforcement (पुलिस), Nasty = unpleasant, disagreeable (बुरा), Bear = gruff person, brute (कठोर व्यक्ति),

Stubbornly = persistently, obstinately (जिद्दी ढंग से), Crazy = mad, insane (पागल), Jail = prison, cell (जेल), Idiot = fool, dummy (मूर्ख), Glared = stared angrily, scowled (गुस्से से देखना), Impression = impact, influence (प्रभाव), Theories = hypotheses, ideas (सिद्धांत)