18. Unseen Poem Comprehension for Class 8

By | July 12, 2021


 The countryside must be preserved

Preferably miles away from me.

Neat hectares of the stuff reserved

For those in need of flower or tree.

 I’ll make do with landscape painting

 Film documentaries on TV

And when I need to escape, panting,

Then open-mouthed I’ll head for the sea.

 Let others stroll and take their leisure,

 In grasses wade up to their knees.

 For I derive no earthly pleasure

 From the green, green rash that makes me sneeze.

 Based on your reading of the poem complete the following :

 (a) According to the poet for what should the countryside be preserved?

(b) When does the poet feel the need for fresh air?

(c) The poet would rather watch ______than ________

(d) Why does the poet not like the countryside?

(e) Why do people go to the countryside, according to the poet?

(f) How does the poet give the impression of the countryside full of tall grass?

(g) What does ‘of the stuff’ refer to?

(h) what is the theme of the poem?


(a) those persons who want to look at nature.                      

(b) go to sea

(c) film documentaries on TV than flowers, trees etc.         

(d) it makes him sneeze.

(e) They go to the countryside to enjoy seeing trees, flowers etc.

(f) by referring to ‘Let others stroll and take … knees’.

(g) It refers to vegetation/flowers, plants, trees etc.

(h) The theme of the poem is to pay attention to the conservation of villages and countryside.    

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