150. Reading Skills Comprehension – Choose Your Company Wisely

Choose Your Company Wisely

Read the following passage and answer the following questions:-

 In some places, people plant a poor quality rose bush next to higher quality rose bushes. This is done to prevent the poor quality rose from self-pollination, which would genetically propagate the poor quality rose. The concept is designed in a way so that the higher quality rose will pollinate and raise the poor quality rose to a higher standard.

This principle can guide us in our own lives as well. It is said that a person is known by the company he keeps. If we want to be a wealthy person, we should keep the company of rich people. In this way, we would start to think and act like them, and we too might become rich. If we wish to be an athlete, we should spend time with athletes. Thus, we would be motivated to live as they do. We would find ourselves exercising more, keeping fit, watching our diet and practising our sport. If we wish to be a writer, we should keep the company of writers and become inspired.

Similarly, if we wish to develop spiritually, we should keep the company of people who have developed themselves spiritually. If we spend time with someone who meditates, we would be more likely to meditate. If we keep the company of those who value ethical living and practice noble virtues, we would find ourselves acting the same way.

Evaluate the company you keep. Do you choose friends who lead you to choose poorly for your personal growth, or do they enable you to grow spiritually? When we wish to be warm, we sit by the fire. When we wish to be cool, we sit near an air conditioner or a block of ice. When we wish to lead a spiritual life, we can find people who are spiritually minded and spend time in their company.

Our lives are precious. We come here with a fixed number of breaths. Within that time, we need to fulfil the purpose of our life. We should take a decision as to what we want in life. Once having taken that decision, we should work towards our goal. Spending time with like-minded people who have the same goals can help hasten our progress towards fulfilling the purpose of our life.

If we are fortunate enough to be in the company of one who is spiritually realized, then that company is even better. Such a person radiates the breath of spirituality and so can breathe spiritual awareness into us.                                   

Answer the following questions:

(a) Why do people plant a poor quality rose bush next to higher quality rose bushes?           

(b) What should you do if you wish to be an athlete?                                            

(c) What is the importance of good company?                                                       

 (d) How is the company of a spiritual person good for us?                                 

Find the words from the above passage which mean the same as the following.

Choose the correct options.

 (a) Holy (Para 3 and 4)

(i) meditate             (ii) ethical

(iii) spiritual           (iv) noble                                                               

(b) Assess (Para 3 and 4)

 (i) growth               (ii) evaluate

(iii) find                    (iv) meditate                                                                

 (c) Breed/Generate (Para 1 and 2)

 (i) propagate         (ii) pollinate

(iii) motivate          (iv) inspired                                                    

 (d) Valuable (Para 3 and 4)

(i) fulfilling             (ii) spiritual

(iii) ethical              (iv) precious                                                             

Answers :

1.(a) It is done so that the higher quality rose will pollinate and raise the poor quality rose to a higher standard.

(b) If we wish to be an athlete, we should spend time with athletes. It would motivate us to keep fit, exercise and practice like them.

(c) A good company can help us attain the purpose of our life and keep us motivated.

(d) A spiritual person radiates the breath of spirituality and can guide us to spiritual awareness.

2.(a) (iii) spiritual; (b) (ii) evaluate; (c) (ii) pollinate; (d) (iv) precious

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