A Truly Beautiful Mind Very Short Questions and Answers

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A Truly Beautiful Mind Very Short Questions and Answers

                                           By-ALBERT EINSTEIN

1. When was Albert Einstein born?

 Ans.    Albert Einstein was born on 14 March, 1879.

2. Where was Albert Einstein born ?

 Ans.    Albert Einstein was born in the German city of Ulm.

3. What problem did develop in Albert when he learnt to speak?

 Ans.    He uttered everything twice.

4. What did the playmates call Einstein?

  Ans.   They called him “Brother Boring”.

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5. What type of toys did Einstein love especially?

  Ans.   He especially loved mechanical toys.

6. At what age did Einstein learn to play the violin?

  Ans.   He learnt to play the violin at the age of six.

7. At what age did Albert leave the school?

  Ans.   He left the school at the age of 15.

8. In what subject was Einstein highly gifted?

  Ans.   He was highly gifted in mathematics.

  9. In what subject was Einstein much interested?

  Ans.   He was much interested in physics.

10. Who did Einstein marry with?

  Ans.   He married with Mileva Maric.

11. Which country did Mileva Marie belong?

 Ans.    She belonged to Serbia.

12. In which year did Einstein pass his graduation?

  Ans.   He passed his graduation in 1900 at the age of 21.

13. What was Einstein’s first job that he got in 1902?

Ans.     He got the job of a technical expert in the patent office in Bent.

14. When did Einstein present his famous papers on special Theory of Relativity?

Ans.     He presented his famous papers on special Theory of Relativity in 1905.

15. Why was Albert’s mother against his marriage with Mileva?

  Ans.   She was against this marriage because Mileva was three years older than her son.

16. In which year Albert was married to Mileva?

  Ans.   Albert was married to Mileva in 1903.

17. When did Einstein divorce Mileva?

Ans.     He divorced Mileva in 1919.

18. With whom did Einstein marry the second time?

 Ans.    The second time he married his cousin Elsa.

19. When did Einstein get a noble prize?

 Ans.    He got the noble prize for Physics in 1921.

20. When did Einstein die?

 Ans.    He died in 1955 at the age of 76.

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