A Triumph of Surgery Extract Based Questions

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Triumph of Surgery Extract Based Questions

Read the extracts given below carefully and answers the questions that follow:

1. When I opened the door, Tricky trotted out and was immediately engulfed by Joe, the greyhound, and his friends. After rolling him over and thoroughly inspecting him, the dogs moved off down the garden. Tricky followed them, rolling slightly with his surplus fat.

(a) What happened when the door was opened?

(b) What did they do?

 (c) Who is ‘I’ in these lines?

(d) Where did the dogs go after inspecting Tricky?

Ans. (a) When the door was opened, Tricky went out of it.

(b) They rolled him over, inspected him and then moved off.

(c) Mrs Humphrey.

(d) The dogs moved off down the garden.

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2. Tears showed in her eyes. Her lips trembled ————-“

how can I ever thank you? This is a triumph of surgery!”

 (a) Who was the lady grateful to and why?

(b) What was the ‘triumph of surgery’?

(c) Why does Mrs Humphrey think the dog’s recovery is ‘A Triumph of Surgery’?

(d) Why were tears in her eyes?

 Ans. (a) The lady was grateful to the doctor because he had helped Tricky to lose weight.

(b) The dog’s recovery is the triumph of surgery.

(c) Before admitting to the hospital, Tricky was in a bad shape. But after recovery, he was looking strong, healthy and active.

(d) Mrs Humphrey was very happy and sentimental to see Tricky recovered, looking strong, healthy and active.

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3. I tried to sound severe: “Now I really mean this. If you don’t cut his food right down and give him more exercise he is going to be really ill. You must harden your heart and keep him on a very strict diet.”

 (a) Who is ‘I’ referred to; and how does he sound?

(b) What was his advice?

(c) Who is talking to whom? Why?

(d) How can he be healthy? What are the suggestions?

Ans. (a) ‘I’ is Dr Herriot. He was very angry with Mrs Humphrey for not following his advice.

(b) He had asked Mrs Humphrey to reduce Trick’s diet and to make him do some exercise.

 (c) Dr Herriot is talking to Mrs Humphrey. He says this because of Trick’s ill-health and bloated look.

(d) Vicki’s food had to be cut down, and he needed a lot of exercises,

4. Mrs Humphrey hastened to explain, “He was so listless, Mr. o. aver no energy. I thought, he must be suffering from malnutrition, lots some little extras between meals to build him up, some malt and of Hotlinks at night to make him sleep-nothing much really.”

(a) Identify ‘he’ in the above extract.

(b) Why was he overfed?

 (c) Who was Mr Herriot?

 (d) Why did Mrs Humphrey seem Tricky suffering from malnutrition?

Ans. (a) ‘He’ is Tricky, the pet dog.

 (b) He was overfed in order to give him some energy.

 (c) Mr Herriot was a veterinary surgeon.

(d) According to Mrs Humphrey, Tricky was very weak and seemed to have no energy’

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5. I had made my plans in advance. The only way was to get Tricky out of the house for a period. I suggested that he be hospitalized for about a fortnight to be kept under observation.

(a) Identify ‘I’ in the above extract.

(b) What was his concern?

(c) Who did the speaker suggest to?

(d) What kind of a person do you think the narrator is?

 Ans. (a) ‘I’ is Dr Herriot.

(b) He was concerned about Trick’s health.

 (c) Mrs Humphrey

(d) The narrator, Mr Herriot, a veterinary surgeon is an understanding, wise and tactful person. He is full of common sense.

6. They were days of deep content, starting well with the extra egg in the morning, improved and sustained by the midday wine and finishing luxuriously around the fire with the brandy.

(a) Who is referred to in the above lines?

(b) What is the tone of the lines?

 (c) What do you think this episode describes the silly behaviour of a rich woman who 1 is foolishly indulgent?

(d) Why does Mr Herriot feel deep contentment?

Ans. (a) Mrs Humphrey and her dog Tricky.

(b) She was contented and happy in those days and now remembering the hi, feels sad.

(c) Yes, it ridicules the pompous nature of the rich. In fact, for emotional satisfaction, Mrs Humphrey bestows all her love and care on Tricky.

(d) After hearing the news of Trick’s recovery, Mrs Humphrey started sending eggs, wine and brandy to give him extra strength. Mr Herriot and his friends started feasting, on them. They enjoyed and felt contentment.

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