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Triumph of Surgery Summary in English

Cstricki was a small dog. His mistress Pumphrey pampered him very much. She overfed him. She gave him food, rich with fats. Tricki never refused food anytime. He was always greedy for food. He liked cream cakes and biscuits very much. Mrs Pumphrey gave him cod-liver oil and Horlicks. She gave him wine to drink.
This all made Tricki like a bloated sausage. He became very lazy. He became uninterested in things. He kept lying all day on the carpet. He had some bouts of vomiting. Mrs Pumphrey thought that he was seriously ill. She called Mr James Herriot who was a vet surgeon.
Mr Herriot expected that to happen. He knew that Tricki was suffering because of overeating. He had already made his plans. He took a firm line. He said that Tricki must be admitted in the hospital for a fortnight. This suggestion made Mrs Pumphrey almost swooned. She thought that Tricki could not live even a single day without seeing his mistress. But Mr Herriot wrapped him in a blanket, took him out of the house and put him in his car.

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The departure of Tricki was very pathetic. All the house was aroused. The maids were putting Tricki’s things in the car. Everyone was in tears. The doctor took the dog away in his car to the surgery.
When Herriot reached his home, the household dogs surrounded him. They sniffed Tricki and showed no interest in him. Till two days Herriot did not give him anything to eat. He gave him a lot of water to drink. Then the doctor started giving him some light food. He gave him no medicine. After two days Tricki had started taking interest in his surrounding.
He mixed up with other dogs. It enjoyed being rolled over. He became a member of the gang. At home, he had almost no exercise but at the surgery, he had a lot of exercises and fun. Controlled diet and activities made him active.
Mrs Pumphrey remained anxious about Tricki’s health. The doctor told him that he was better and was convalescing. This made her think that he had gone through some surgery. So she sent daily two dozen fresh round eggs, wine and brandy for him—so that he might recover soon. But the doctor did not give those things to him because he really did not need this type of diet. The doctor and his partners enjoyed these eggs, wine and brandy. After a fortnight Mrs Pumphrey came to collect Tricki. She was tense and worried. She did not hope that he was all right. But when the doctor brought Tricki, he jumped at once into Mrs Pumphrey’s arms. She was surprised to see all this. She said that it was a ‘Victory of Surgery.’

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Triumph of Surgery Summary in English (2) :

1. The Doctor Worried: The doctor, James Herriot, is really worried. Tricki had become very fat. He looks like a bloated sausage. His eyes are red and rheumy. Mrs Pumphrey is the mistress of the dog. She has given him malt and cod-liver oil and a bowl of Horlicks every night. But nothing works.
2. James Herriot Advises Mrs Pumphrey: James Herriot realises that Tricki’s only fault was greed for food. Dr James Herriot advises Mrs Pumphrey that she must cut Tricki’s food right down. She must give the dog some exercise. She must keep him on a very strict diet. Otherwise, he will fall ill.
3. Tricki Falls Ill: Within a few days, Dr Herriot receives a call from Mrs Pumphrey. She tells him that Tricki doesn’t eat and has bouts of vomiting. He only lies down on the rug panting. The doctor advises her that Tricki needs to be hospitalized for a fortnight. He is to be kept under observation.
4. Tricki at Hospital: At the Surgery, the household dogs surge around Tricki. He sees them lying motionless. A bed for Tricki is made in a warm loose box. For two days, no food is given to him but plenty of water. On the second day, he starts taking some interest in his surroundings. On the third day, he begins to whimper when he hears the dog in the yard. Tricki starts taking a walk around the bowls licking casually inside one or two of them.
5. Rapid Progress: Tricki’s progress is rapid. He has no medical treatment of any kind. He runs about the dogs joining their friend-ly barkings. He starts fighting for his share of food and hunts rats at night. Dr Herriot tells Mrs Pumphrey that Tricki is not in danger and recovering rapidly. Mrs Pumphrey starts bringing eggs, two dozen at a time to build up his strength. Wine and brandy are given to improve Tricki’s constitution. The doctor informs that Tricki has recovered and Mrs Pumphrey can collect him.
6. Grateful Mrs Pumphrey: Within two weeks, Tricki has been transformed into a flexible, hard-muscled animal. He is stretching out in great bounds. When Tricki sees his mistress, he leaps and sails into her lap. As the car moves away, Mrs Pumphrey leans out of the window. Her lips tremble and tears shine in her eyes. She says, “Oh, Mr Herriot, how can I ever thank you? This is a triumph of surgery!”

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