Theme of the Story Weathering The Storm in Ersama

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Theme of the Story Weathering The Storm in Ersama

When a natural calamity like an extreme storm takes place, people are put to suffer a lot of problems. Apart from the help that the government provides, the members of the community should also mobilize themselves to solve their problems. In this story, we see how a young boy, barely 19 years old, took the initiative to help the members of their community. The leadership qualities of this man are praised.

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Weathering the Storm in Ersama Message

This lesson conveys the message that when a natural calamity strikes, the members of the community should help themselves. They should not be totally dependent upon the government to provide help. It also gives the message that youth have a major role to play in organising the community to solve their own problems without depending on the government.
In this lesson, we are introduced to the leadership provided by Prashant when faced with the danger of the superstorm in India. We should concentrate our efforts on women and children, who form the most vulnerable section of society.

Justify the Title Weathering The Storm in Ersama

A wretched storm hit the city of Ersama in Orissa state, in 1999. Fifteen year old Prashant saw over 2500 poor people and saw them suffer inside the storm shelter he found them in. He got into action and came up with appropriate arrangements for housing and food for the people that he saved.
During and after the storm, he helped the people by rebuilding the community. His article is about the efforts of locals to overcome the debris caused by hurricane force winds. So , the title is appropriate

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