The Thief Story Value Points |  Class 10 | Footprints Without Feet | Main & Important Key Points

By | June 22, 2024

1. Introduction to Hari Singh: The story begins with Hari Singh, a 15-year-old experienced thief who meets Anil at a wrestling match.

2. Meeting Anil: Anil is a kind-hearted, trusting 25-year-old who is described as looking simple and easy-going, making him a target for Hari.

3. Hari’s Approach: Hari uses flattery to make friends with Anil. He has an aim to exploit his simplicity for theft.

4. Anil’s Quick Trust: Anil quickly shows trust by engaging in friendly conversation with Hari and sharing his interests, highlighting his open and welcoming nature.

5. Hari Requests to Work: Hari sees an opportunity and offers to work for Anil, aiming to gain his trust and find a chance to steal.

6. Anil’s Kindness and Support: Despite his inability to offer payment, Anil generously gives Hari with food and a place to live, showing his willingness to help others.

7. Stay Arrangements: Anil allows Hari to live with him above the Jumna Sweet Shop and teaches  him cooking skills.

8. Hari’s Unsuccessful Cooking Attempt: Hari tries to cook for the first time and fails, but Anil reacts to this with patience and encouragement and motivates Hari to improve.

9. Anil’s Role as a Mentor: Beyond employing him, Anil commits to Hari’s education by teaching him to read and write, showing his dedication to Hari’s overall well-being.

10. Hari Shows his Old Habits: While earning some money and learning under Anil’s guidance, Hari feels conflicted between his past life as a thief and his new experiences.

11. Temptation from Anil’s Money: After Anil sells a book and receives a large sum of money, that is Rs. 600. Hari is tempted to steal it, struggling with his old habits.

12. Hari Decides to Steal: Hari couldn’t stop himself, so he stole the money and planned to run away to Lucknow. This shows his struggle between his old life of stealing and the new lessons he’s learning.

13. Hari Thinks Again About Stealing: Right before he could leave, Hari chose not to get on the train because he felt guilty and remembered Anil’s kindness.

14. Hari Returns the Money: Hari quietly puts the money back, realising that Anil’s trust and the lessons he was teaching were more important than the stolen money.

15. Anil Reacts Calmly: The next day, Anil acted like nothing happened. He might have known about the theft but chose to trust Hari again, showing he forgives easily.

16. Hari Learns Important Lessons: Hari learned how valuable trust, kindness, and getting a second chance are. These lessons changed how he sees the world.

17. Hari Changes for the Better: The story ends with Hari understanding how much education and good values have helped him change for the better because of Anil’s help.

18. Lesson from the Story: The story shows that real trust and kindness can make someone leave behind a life of crime to live honestly and grow as a person.

19. Thinking About Mentorship: The story makes us think about how having a good mentor and being helpful can really change someone and set them on a new path.

20. A Hopeful Ending: The story finishes with hope, saying that people with tough backgrounds can improve and do well if they have the right help and chances.