The Proposal- Important Word-Meanings of difficult words

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The Proposal

By Anton Chekov

Important Word-Meanings of difficult words  from the lesson- The Proposal


[PAGE 144] : Hearty = large-hearted (बड़े दिल वाला); suspicious = doubtful (शक्की); gloves = gloves (दस्ताने); squeezes = wrings (निचोड़ना/दबानाl); get-up = dress (पोशाक); my treasure = term of endearment (प्यार का संबोधन); my precious = term of endearment (प्यार का संबोधन); privilege = special right (विशेषाधिकार); awfully = greatly (बहुत अधिक); deserve = able (काबिल होना) I

[PAGE 145] :Interrupting = interfering (दखल देना); embraces = hugs (अर्लिगन करना); sheds = drops (गिराना); off my balance = excited (उत्तेजित); consent = agreement (सहमति); lovesick = in search of love (प्यार की खोज में)I

[PAGE 146): Excellent = very good (शानदार); palpitations = beating of the heart (दिल का धड़कना); twitch =. pull with a jerk (फड़कना); lunatic = mad (पागल); apron = apron (एप्रन); neglige = gown (गाऊन); shelling = removing shells (छिलके उतारना); splendid = beautiful (सुंदर); stacked = stored (संग्रह किया); hay = straw (भूसा); ball = a kind of dance (नाच); pause = stop (रुकना) I

[PAGE 147] : Inherited = received as heir (विरासत में मिलना); affectionate = loving (प्रिय); wedged = lying in between (के बीच में); dispute

= quarrel (झगड़ा) ; in perpetuity = in continuation (लगातार); reckoned = understood (समझा) I

[PAGE 148] : Dessiatins = a currency (एक मुद्रा); unfairness = injustice (अन्याय); implore = request (प्रार्थना करनाr); bake = heat (पकाना); make head and tail = understand (समझना); threshing = separating grain and chaff (अनाज और भूसा अलग करना); gipsies = nomadic (खानाबदोश); impudent = rude (अभद्र); landgrabber = one who grabs others’ land (दूसरे की जमीन हड़पने वाला ); carafe = a water container (पानी का पात्र) I

[PAGE 149] : Mowers = crop cutters (फसल काटने वाला); meadows = grasslands (घास के मैदान); clutches = holds (पकड़ना); restrain = control (नियंत्रित करना); excruciating = strong (मजबूत) I

[PAGE 150) : Accustomed = habitual (आदी); yelling = shouting (चिल्लाना); give up = renounce (त्याग देना); right = claim (दावा); agitating = becoming exciting (उत्तेजित होना) ; calmly = peacefully (शांति से )I

[PAGE 151) : Pettifogger = a clever person (चालाक आदमी ); tried = sued (मुकद्दमा चलाया) ; embezzlement = financial misappropriation (गबन); lunacy = madness (पागलपन); drunkard = one who drinks too much wine (बहुत शराब पीने वाला ); hump-backed = with curved back (कुबड़ा); guzzling = drinking (पीना); gambler = one who gambles (जुआरी); backbiters = criticizing others behind their backs (चुगलखोर); intriguer = planner (षड्यंत्रकारी); malicious = full of ill-will (दुर्भावनापूर्ण); numb = senseless (सुन्न); staggers = falls (गिरना); rascal = rogue (धूर्त); villain = scoundrel (बदमाश) ; scarecrow = figure in the field to scare birds (डरेबा); monster = devil (शैतान); impudence = arrogance (घमण्ड); blind hen = an abuse (गाली); turnip-ghost = an abuse (गाली); confounded=confused (घबराया हुआ); stuffed sausage = an abuse (गाली); wizen-faced frump = an abuse (गाली) I

[PAGE 152] :Wails = weeps (रोना); hysterics = mad cries (पागलों जैसी चीखें); exhausted = tired (थका हुआ); heated =angry (नाराज); evidence = proof (सबूत /प्रमाण)I

 [PAGE 153) : Twisted = bent (मुड़ा हुआ ); heaps better = much better (अधिक बेहतर); pedigree = race (जाति); overshot = when the lower jaw is shorter than the upper (जब निचला जबड़ा ऊपर वाले भाग से छोटा हो ); thoroughbred = pure hied (शुद्ध जाति); cab = carriage (बग्गी); contradiction = disagreement (असहमति) I

[PAGE 154): Acknowledge = admit (प्रवेश करने देना); implore = request (प्रार्थना करना); muzzle = nose and mouth of an animal (थूथन); a whole verst = much behind (बहुत पीछे); whip = cane with a string (चाबुक) I

[PAGE 155] : Beetles = insects (कीड़े); tracking = following (पीछा करना); pup = small dog (छोटा कुत्ता); Partridge ,. a bird (तितर); sparks = tiny glowing hits of fire (चिंगारियाँ); milksop = an abuse (गाली); screams = cries (चीखें) I

[PAGE 156] : Tumbler = glass (गिलास); mist = fog (धुन्ध): be damned = an abuse (गाली); champagne = a kind of liquor (एक प्रकार का मादक पेय) I

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