The Proposal Class 10th Summary | in English

By | September 9, 2023
The Proposal Class 10th Summary

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The Proposal Class 10th Summary

At the beginning of the play, when Lomov comes to meet Chubukov, who is a farmer, Chubukov welcomes Lomov and asks him why he is wearing formal clothes.Lomov replies that he will not leave; he is here to meet him. Lomov appears excited and upset. He calms himself down and begins to tell you about his purpose for coming here.The old man has come to tell Lomov that he already helped him before, but that Lomov did not follow through. The old man suggests that maybe he has come to ask for a loan, and when Chubukov hears this Chubukov decides not to help him in any way.

Lomov tells Chubokov about the purpose of his visit again. But Chubukov becomes excited and starts talking as if he is bragging. He asks Lomov to talk about his purposes of coming without beating around the bush.Lomov is a young man eager to marry and has come to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Natalya, unaware of Lomov’s intentions at first, becomes very excited and can’t wait to get married. But before Lomov gets a chance to meet Natalya, he asks her father if she would approve the union. Chubukov assures him that she will gladly accept him as her husband.Lomov is in the room by himself. His body is trembling with excitement. He thinks about his present life. He wants to settle the question of his marriage, now. Lomov thinks that now he should not delay. He thinks about Natalya, a skilled housekeeper who is educated and pretty.

At this age, he should not expect a better girl than her. Now he is thirty-five years old. Now he should lead a regulated life. He is suffering from serious diseases like palpitation, excitement and insomnia. Because of these reasons, he should marry.

Just then Natalya comes in. Her father has not told her that Lomov has come to meet her. He only told her that a customer had come. Even then she welcomes Lomov. Before Lomov can speak, she starts speaking-When she mentions his beautiful dress, he is again excited. Before he can talk about his marriage to her, he starts trembling. Natalya encourages him and he recovers. He says that he will tell her everything in brief. Even then he cannot talk in a straight-forward manner. He beats about the bush. He tells her that for the Iasi many decades their families have had good relations. Their estates are also adjoining. His Oxen Warbles touch their birchwoods. Natalya protests against this. She says that the Oxen Meadows belong to her. they lay their claims to it. They start quarrelling about the ownership of the Oxen Meadows. They shout loudly at each other. They do not calm down in any way.

Chubukov comes in and finds them both quarrelling. He is greatly surprised. But when he finds that they are quarrelling about the ownership of the Oxen Meadows. he also becomes angry. Instead of calming them down, he also starts quarrelling. He claims to be the owner of the Meadows. He insults not only Lomov but also his family members. Lomov becomes more excited. He uses insulting words for Chubukov, Natalya and their family members. Lomov’s palpitation increases and he becomes very perturbed. He goes out of the room. Chubukov says how the foolish Lomov dared to bring a proposal for Natalya’s marriage. When Natalya hears this, she is deeply shocked. She is almost unconscious. She starts weeping and asks her father to bring tomor back. Chubukov feels sad. He says that it is the biggest misfortune to be the father of a girl. He goes out to call Lomov.

Lomov again enters the room. Natalya thinks that she will not annoy him this time. She tries to please him. She says that the Meadows belong to him. She tries to change the topic so that he could propose to her. But he is still not all right. He is feeling disturbed. He does not come to the point. Lomov starts praising the qualities of his dog Guess, which he has purchased for 125 roubles. But Natalya says that her dog Squeezer which she purchased for 85 roubles is much better than Lomov’s dog Guess. Both of them praise the qualities of their dogs. Now they start quarrelling on this topic. They again start shouting at each other. In the meantime, Chubukov comes. Instead of putting an end to their quarrel, he also starts quarrelling. In this dispute. Lomov’s condition deteriorates and he falls on the chair, unconscious. Both the father and the daughter think that he has died. Natalya starts lamenting that her chance of getting married has gone.

After sometime. Lomov comes to his senses. Chubukov tells Lomov that Natalya is willing for marriage. so he should marry her. Natalya expresses her willingness. Chubukov does not want to lose even a moment and joins their hands. He asks them to kiss each other. But soon, they start quarrelling again. They start debating the qualities of their respective dogs. Chubukov tries to calm them down. With this, the play comes to an end.


Lomov’s Arrival with a Proposal of Marriage: Chubukov is sitting in his drawing room. Lomov, a wealthy neighbour of Chubukov arrives. He is wearing dress-jacket and white gloves. Chubukov welcomes him. He wonders why Lomov is in his formal evening dress. Lomov says that he has come to trouble Chubukov with a request. Chubukov becomes cautious. He thinks that perhaps Lomov has come to borrow money. He is in no mood to help him. Lomov is excited. He fails to come to the point. Chubukov asks him not to beat about the hush. He should come to the point. Lomov, at last, tells him the purpose of his visit. He tells that he has come to ask the hand of Chubukov’s daughter Natalya Stepanova. Chubukov is extremely happy. He embraces and kisses Lomov. He tells that it has been his long desire to see Lomov and Natalya married together. Chuhukov assures Lomov that Natalya too will give her consent. She is in love, She is like a love-sick cat.

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