The Midnight Visitor- Important Word-Meanings of difficult words & Vocabulary

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The Midnight Visitor class 10 is well explained through Introduction, Message from The Midnight Visitor, Theme of The Midnight Visitor, Title The Midnight Visitor, Characters of The Midnight Visitor, Summary in English. We have tried to give Summary in Hindi, Word meanings, Complete lesson in Hindi The Midnight Visitor, Extracts, Long answers from the chapter The Midnight Visitor, Short answers, Very short Answers, MCQs in the lesson The Midnight Visitor and much more Absolutely free.

The Midnight Visitor

By:- Robert Arthur

Important Word-Meanings of difficult words from the lesson- The Midnight Visitor


[PAGE 14] : Description = written account(लिखित विवरण)  secret = mysterious(गुप्त)  agent = who works for some agency (अभिकर्ता) following = succeeding  (अनुशरण करते हुए )  musty = foul smelling(दुर्गन्ध बाला )  corridor = an open gallery  (गलियारा ) gloomy = dark (अंधकारमय ) accent = tone of voice (वोलने का लहजा) disappointed = frustrated(निराश )   romantic =imaginative(रोमांचकारी )     passably = just adequately (काम चलाऊ रूप से ) imagined = thought in mind  (कल्पना करना )   mysterious = curiously (रहस्य पूर्ण )  sloppy = unsystematic   (अव्यवस्थित ढंग से ) ordinary = simple (साधारण ) appointment = settlement (नियुक्ति )  chuckled = grinned (खिश्याया)   frustrated = disappointed  (निराश ) disillusioned = set free from false belief(भृममुक्त )

[PAGE 15] : Switched on = joined electric current (बिजली चालू कर देना) thrill = sensation  (रोमांच ) automatic = moving of itself  (स्याचालित ) blinked = closed and opened the eyes  (आँखों का झपकना )  wheezed = spoke breathing, noisily and heavily   (हाँफते हुए बोलना ) slender = lean and thin  (दुबला -पतला ) except = in addition to (के अतिरिक्त)  murmured = complained in low sound   (बुढ़-बूढाया)

[PAGE 16] : Heavily = sorrowfully (दुखी मन से)  management = governing body  (प्रवन्धक समिति )  grimly = seriously (गंभीर रूप से)  nuisance = troublesome (कस्टकारी)  curiously = with anxiety  (उत्सुकतापूर्वक ढंग से )  passkey = private key (गुप्त चावी )  explained = to clear the meaning of  (व्याख्या करना ) apartment = chamber  (कमरा)  glanced = viewed ( देखा )  explanatory = containing explanations (व्याख्यात्मक)   promised = gave assurance  (वायदा किया)

 stiffly = straight  (तना हुआ) gesture = bodily movement (हाओ  भाव )  evilly = wicked   (दुस्टतापूर्वक ढंग से ) protection = safety (बचाव)  nervously = uneasily  (बेचैनी ) repeated = to do again (पुनः )  hesitate = to be doubtful  (हिचकिचाना) swiftly = quickly  (तेज़ी के साथ )  balcony = front side of a house on the roof  (छज्जा )

[PAGE 17] : Twisted = distorted (ऐठना ) grasped = hold tightly (जोर से पकड़ना)  swung = to move to and fro  (झूलना) doorknob = door handle  (दरवाजे की हत्थी) screamed = cried   (चिल्लाया) shrilly = with a sharp sound  (तीव्र ध्वनि के साथ ) deftly = quickly and cleverly  (तेज़ी और चतुराई से ) uncorked = opened (खोला )  stammered = spoke with halts (हकलाकर बोला)


PAGE 14:-

Fit— suitable, Secret agent— detective, Musty— bad smelling, Corridor— passageway Gloomy— dull, not bright, Romantic— full of romance, Scarcely—hardly, Adventure— a bold undertaking, Accent— pronunciation, tone, Passably— tolerably, Disappointed— frustrated, WheezIly— making a breathing sound, Spy— secret agent, teat, Espionage— doing the work of a spy, Mysterious— strange, Envisioned— imagined, Figure— personality, Sloppy— untidy, careless, Beauties— beautiful women, Chuckled— laughed secretly  Unlocked— opened, Aside— towards the side, Frustrated— disappointed,

PAGE 15:-  

Affect- influence, Authentic— real, genuine, Thrill—excitement, Automatic—self-working, Blinked—closing and opening of eyes, Start —surprised, Slender—lean and, Slightly—a little, Crafty—very clever, Countenance—facial expression, Menacing—threatening, Murmured—muttered, Concerning—related to,

PAGE 16:-

To raise the devil—deal with aggressively, Bet on it— to make a challenge, Grimly—seriously, Nuisance—that causes troubles, Inflection—rising accent  Irritation—in an irritating manner, Apartment—flat chamber, Glanced—viewed, Explanatorily—as if giving explanation, Extends—spreads out, Block—close, Stiffly—in a hardened voice, Gesture—bodily movement, Evilly—in an evil manner, Nervously—in a nervous manner, Swiftly—rapidly, Swung—moved, Sill—space at the bottom of window, Chances—opportunities,

 PAGE 17:-

misted—distorted Grasped—had a grip on, Screamed—cried, Shrilly—sharply, White- gold  Deftly—cleverly, Uncorked—opened Stared—gazed, faced—frightened,  t V. Stammered—spoke haltingly,

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