Hard Words : The Making of a Scientist Difficult Words in English with Hindi Meaning | Footprints without Feet | Class 10 |   2023-24 Updated

By | September 20, 2023
The Making of a Scientist Word Meaning with Hindi | Footprints without Feet | Class 10 |  2023-24 Updated

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from The Making of a Scientist. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying The Making of a Scientist Word Meanings from Footprints without Feet Class 10.”

Hard Words : The Making of a Scientist [PAGE 32] : 

Scout = young member of a youth organization, observer (नव-युवक संगठन का सदस्य, अवलोकक), Theory = a system of ideas, explanation (विचारधारा, समझाया गया सिद्धांत), Proceedings = series of actions, official records (क्रियावली, आधिकारिक अभिलेख),

Journal = publication, periodical (पत्रिका, मासिक), Leagues = associations, clubs (संघ, क्लब), Butterflies = winged insects, beautiful flying creatures (तितलियाँ), Only child = a person with no siblings (एकल संतान), Reading (as a place name) = a town or city name (एक शहर का नाम), Football = a game played with a round ball, soccer (फुटबॉल),

Baseball = a game played with a bat and ball (बेसबॉल), Collect = gather, acquire (इकट्ठा करना, प्राप्त करना), Determination = firmness of purpose, resolve (निश्चय, संकल्प), Rocks = hard substances of the earth, stones (चट्टानें), Fossils = remains of prehistoric organisms, ancient imprints (जीवाश्म),

Coins = metal money, currency pieces (सिक्के), Astronomer = person who studies stars, celestial expert (खगोलशास्त्री), Star-gazing = looking at stars, observing celestial bodies (तारों को देखना), Excited = ecstatic (उत्साहित), Cells = a very minute unit of living matter (कोशिकाएँ), String = line (तार),

Also Read:

Kindergarten = school for children (बालकों के लिए स्कूल), Activity = action (क्रिया), Former = earlier (पूर्ववर्ती), Explain = elaborate (व्याख्या करना), Article = non-fictional prose (लेख), Proceeding = institution of a sequence of steps (प्रक्रिया), Academy = a school for special training (अकादमी),

Publish = to put into print (प्रकाशित करना), Achievement = the action of accomplishing something (साधना), Certainly = indeed (बिल्कुल), Eager = curious to know (जिज्ञासु), Gazing = to watch (देखना) 

The Making of a Scientist Difficult Words in English [PAGE 33] : 

Curiosity = desire to know, interest (जिज्ञासा), Encouraged = supported, motivated (प्रोत्साहित किया), Telescopes = devices for distant viewing, optical instruments (दूरबीन), Microscopes = devices to view tiny objects, magnifying instruments (सूक्ष्मदर्शी),

Cameras = devices for taking pictures, photographic tools (कैमरा), Mounting materials = supplies for displaying, items for presentation (प्रदर्शन सामग्री), Companion = friend, partner (साथी), Dining room = room for meals, eating area (भोजन कक्ष),

Physical work = manual labor, bodily tasks (शारीरिक कार्य), Grades = levels in school, marks (श्रेणियाँ, अंक), Species = categories of living organisms, types (प्रजातियां), Butterflies = winged insects, colorful flying creatures (तितलियाँ), Migrate = move seasonally, travel (प्रवास करना),

Central America = region in the Americas, between North and South America (मध्य अमेरिका), Eager = enthusiastic, keen (उत्सुक), Hairstreak = a type of butterfly, Lepidoptera member (हेयरस्ट्रीक),

Purplish = somewhat purple, lavender-tinted (बैंगनी रंग का), Melissa = a variety of butterfly, particular Lepidoptera (मेलिसा), Variegated = multicolored, diverse in tones (विविध रंगों वाला), Crescent = semi-circular shape, moon-like curve (अर्धचंद्राकार),

Hackberry = a species of butterfly, certain Lepidoptera (हैकबेरी), Monarch = iconic butterfly species, Danaus plexippus (मोनार्क), Ouch = exclamation of pain, sudden discomfort (ओच), Collector = accumulator, gatherer (संग्रहकर्ता)

Good Word Meaning from the Lesson The Making of a Scientist [PAGE 34] : 

Invited = asked to participate, requested to join (आमंत्रित)  , Migrations = seasonal movements, travels (प्रवास)  , Tag = label, marker (टैग)  , Research = investigation, study (अनुसंधान)  , Adhesive = sticky, glue-like (चिपकने वाला)  , Wings = parts of insects for flying, flaps (पंख)  ,

Monarchs = type of butterfly, large orange-black butterfly (मोनार्क तितली)  , Season = specific period, time span (मौसम)  , Raise = grow, cultivate (पालना)  , Flock = group, collection (समूह)  ,

Eggs = ovum, initial stage of an insect (अंडे)  , Basement = lower floor, underground space (तहख़ाना)  , Life cycle = stages of life, growth process (जीवन चक्र)  , Pupa = stage between larva and adult in insects, chrysalis (कोका)  , Tedious = boring, monotonous (उक्तिकरणकारी)  ,

Feedback = response, reaction (प्रतिसाद)  , Recaptured = caught again, retaken (फिर से पकड़ा गया)  , Tagged = attached, marked (चित्रांकित)  , Chase = pursue, follow (पार्श्वचरण)  , Caterpillar = larva of a butterfly, early stage of an insect (इली)  , Adult = mature, fully grown (वयस्क)  , Development = evolution, growth (विकास)  ,

Gossamer-winged = delicate-winged, having very thin wings (महीन पंख वाला)  , Eventually = in the end, finally (आखिरकार)  , Gesarnb = systematic investigation, detailed study (विवेचना) , University = academic institution, the body of faculty and students (विश्वविद्यालय)  ,

Collect = accumulate, gather (संग्रहित करना)  , Chan = track, follow (अनुसरण करना)  , Female monarch = queen butterfly, specific gender of the monarch species (महिला मोनार्क) 

English Difficult Words from the Chapter The Making of a Scientist [PAGE 35] : 

Hint = clue, indication (संकेत)  , County = regional, local area (ज़िला)  , Slides = thin pieces for microscope examination, samples (स्लाइड)  , Tissues = groups of cells, cellular materials (ऊतक)  ,

Microscope = instrument to see small objects, magnifying tool (सूक्ष्मदर्शी)  , Competitive spirit = desire to win, urge to compete (प्रतिस्पर्धा आत्मा)  , Experiment = test, scientific trial (प्रयोग)  ,

Stack = pile, collection (ढेर)  , Suggestions = ideas, recommendations (सुझाव)  , Viral disease = illness caused by virus, viral infection (वायरल रोग)  , Beetle = type of insect, hard-shelled bug (भृंग)  , Results = outcomes, conclusions (परिणाम)  ,

Theory = hypothesis, proposed explanation (सिद्धांत)  , Viceroy butterflies = type of butterfly similar to monarch (वायसरॉय तितली)  , Starling = type of bird, songbird (स्टार्लिंग पक्षी)  , Zoology division = category of animal study, animal science section (जीव विज्ञान विभाजन)  ,

Overall = in total, considering everything (कुल मिलाकर)  , Neat = tidy, clean (साफ़)  , Display = exhibit, show (प्रदर्शन)  , Copy = replicate, imitate (नकल करना)  , Probably = possibly, perhaps (शायद)  , Project = planned undertaking, task (परियोजना)  ,

International = global, relating to all countries (अंतर्राष्ट्रीय)  , Cause = reason, basis (कारण)  , Caterpillar = larva of a butterfly, immature stage (इली)  , Zoology = study of animals, branch of biology (जीव विज्ञान) 

The Making of a Scientist Class 10 Word Meaning in English [PAGE 36] : 

Research = study, investigation (अनुसंधान)  , Discovery = finding, revelation (खोज)  , Hormone = regulatory substance in organisms, chemical messenger (हार्मोन)  , Ornamental = decorative, for adornment (भूषण के रूप में)  , Device = tool, instrument (उपकरण)  ,

Entomology = study of insects, science of bugs (कीट विज्ञान)  , Pupa = stage in insect development, chrysalis (प्यूपा)  , Culture = growth environment for cells, controlled condition for growth (संस्कृति)  ,

Scales = small plates covering an animal, butterfly’s wing cover (पंख की छड़ी)  , Hormone’s chemical structure = molecular composition, makeup of the hormone (हार्मोन की रासायनिक संरचना)  , Sophisticated instruments = advanced tools, high-tech devices (सॉफ़िस्टिकेटेड उपकरण)  , X-ray photos = images by X-rays, radiographs (एक्स-रे फ़ोटो)  ,

Eureka = discovery exclamation, problem-solving shout (यूरिका – समाधान पाने पर की जाने वाली पुकार)  , Blueprint = plan, design (नक्शा)  , DNA = genetic information carrier, deoxyribonucleic acid (डीएनए)  , Nucleus = core of the cell, command center (नाभिक)  , Heredity = genetic inheritance, traits from parents (आनुवांशिकता)  , Tiny = small, minute (छोटा)  ,

Spots = marks, stains (धब्बे)  , Assumed = believed, thought (मान लिया)  , Excellent = superb, outstanding (उत्कृष्ट)  , Fed = gave food, nourished (भोजन दिया)  , Identify = recognize, pinpoint (पहचानना)  , Structure = construction, form (संरचना)  , Puzzles = problems, challenges (पहेलियां)  ,

Unknown = undiscovered, not known (अज्ञात)  , Indirectly = not directly, obliquely (प्रत्यक्ष नहीं)  , Cell = life unit, basic organism block (कोशिका)  , Purpose = aim, goal (उद्देश्य)  , Development = growth, evolution (विकास)  , Laboratory = experimentation place, research room (प्रयोगशाला)  ,

Institute = organization, educational entity (संस्थान)  , Advance = progress, improve (उन्नति)  , Graduation = degree completion, academic milestone (स्नातक)  , Department = section, unit (विभाग)  , Agriculture = farming, cultivation (कृषि)  ,

Chemical = substance, compound (रासायनिक)  , Biology = study of life, science of living organisms (जीव विज्ञान)  , Substance = material, matter (पदार्थ)  , Function = operation, working (कार्य) 

The Making of a Scientist Lesson English to English Word Meaning [PAGE 37]: 

Nucleus = centre, core of a cell (नाभिक)  , Heredity = genetic inheritance, coming from forefathers (आनुवांशिकता)  , Preventing = hindering, stopping (रोकना)  , Champion debater = master in arguing, superb in debates (चर्चा के प्रमुख)  , Canoeist = sailor of a small boat, paddler (कनू नाविक)  , Exhibits = shows, displays (प्रदर्शित करता है)  , Ingredients = components, contents (घटक)  ,

Model = blueprint, prototype (मॉडल)  , Towards = in the direction of, approaching (की ओर)  , Understand = comprehend, grasp (समझना)  , Prevent = stop, hinder (रोकना)  , Champion = winner, champ (चैम्पियन)  , Debater = arguer, one who debates (वादी)  ,

All-around = versatile, jack of all trades (सर्वगुण सम्पन्न)  , Expert = specialist, master (विशेषज्ञ)  , Particularly = especially, specifically (विशेष रूप से)  , Straight = linear, direct (सीधा)