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By | February 9, 2023
The Midnight Visitor Characters

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The Midnight Visitor Characters

1.Ausable: He is a different kind of secret agent. Generally, secret agents that are described in detective books and shown in films, are very smart and gun-friendly. Wine and dark-eyed beauties are associated with them. However, Ausable doesn’t present such a romantic picture. He is very fat and sloppy. Physically, he may be fat but mentally he is very agile and quick-witted. He knows all the tricks of his trade. He is very quick to react and can cook up stories that may fit in all kinds of situations. He convinces even the crafty Max that there is a balcony below the window of his room.

2. Max: Max is a secret agent and a rival and enemy of Ausable. He is slender, a little less than tall. He appears crafty and has a countenance of a fox. There is nothing especially menacing about him except his pistol. He enters Ausable’s room to take away a very important paper concerning some new missiles.

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3. Fowler: Fowler is a young and romantic writer. He wants to write a book on detectives. Fowler forms a very romantic and grand picture of a secret agent in his mind. He finds Ausable not cracking pistols or surrounded by dark-eyed beauties like James Bond. He feels let down after meeting Ausable.

Theme of the Lesson – The Midnight Visitor

The presence of Mind can help you to come out of any difficult situation with limited available means.

 ‘The Midnight Visitor’ is a very thrilling account of a secret agent Ausable’s one particular episode. Ausable didn’t fit any description of a secret agent. He didn’t live up to the romantic picture of a secret agent that we read in books or see in films. He was rather fat and sloppy. He lived in a very small room on the sixth floor. However, Ausable was gifted with a rare presence of mind. He was quick of action. His fertile brain could invent and cook up stories and situations that would confuse and unnerve his rivals. He cooked up the story of the balcony below the window of his room and the arrival of the police. He outwitted and outsmarted his rival and enemy secret agent, Max, who had come to take away a very important paper concerning some new missiles. Through his presence of mind, Ausable was able to get rid of his rival, Max.

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