The Midnight Visitor Extract Based Questions

The Midnight Visitor Extract Based Questions

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The Midnight Visitor Extract Based Questions

Read the extracts given below carefully and answer the questions that follow:

1. And as the light came on, Fowler had his first authentic thrill of the day. For halfway; across the room, a small automatic pistol in his hand stood a man.

(a) What was the turn of events?

 (b) What did they find?

 (c) Who was the man with a pistol in his hand?

(d) What was the first authentic thrill of the day for Fowler?

Ans. (a) Fowler and Ausable found a man with a pistol standing in the room. Ausable’: room.

(b) They found a man with a pistol in the room.

(c) Max

(d) Fowler saw a man with a pointed pistol waiting in the room. This was the first authentic thrill of the day for him.

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2.”Max,” he wheezed, “you gave me quite a start. I thought you were in Berlin. What are you doing here in my room?”

 (a) In whose room was Max?

 (b) Why was he there?

 (c) Where and what is Berlin?

(d) How has Max got in?

Ans. (a) A sable’s room.

(b) He had come to get a very important report from him.

 (c) Berlin is the capital of Germany.

(d) Max has got in the room by using a pass-key for unlocking Ausable’s room.

3.”You are disappointed”, Ausable said wheezily over his shoulder. “You were told that I was a secret agent, a spy, dealing in espionage and danger. You wished to meet me because you are a writer, young and romantic. You envisioned mysterious figures in the night, the crack of pistols, drugs in the wine.”

(a) Who was disappointed and with whom?

(b) Why did ‘he’ want to meet Ausable?

(c) Why was Fowler disappointed?

(d) How was Ausable different from the other secret agents?

Ans. (a) Fowler was disappointed to see Ausable.

(b) Fowler wanted to meet him because he was a writer and wished to meet a real spy.

 (c) He was disappointed to meet Ausable who looked ordinary, slow, sluggish and a very fat person who lived in a small room on the top floor of a cheap hotel.

(d) Ausable, unlike other secret agents, was very fat with an accent of both French and German.

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4.Ausable moved to an armchair and sat down heavily. “I’m going to raise the devil with the management this time, and you can bet on it,” he said grimly. “This is the second time in a month that somebody has got into my room through that nuisance of a balcony!” Fowler’s eyes went to the single window of the room. It was an ordinary window, against which now the night was pressing blackly.

(a) Why was Ausable disturbed?

 (b) What did he complain of?

 (c) What story did Ausable cook up to confuse Max?

 (d) When do you think Ausable thought up his plan for getting rid of Max?

Ans. (a) Ausable was disturbed with his room’s balcony window.

(b) He complained of strangers entering through the window into his rooms.

 (c) Ausable confused Max by framing a story about a balcony under his window. He told Max that it was being used by people for entering his room secretly.

(d) Ausable thought the plan when he encountered Max in his room. He showed a little surprise but he was not scared.

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