The Little Girl-Quick Review of the Chapter


      By- Katherine Mansfield


1.To  the little girl who was a figure to be feared and avoided

(A) a ghost                                                          (b) her father

 (C) her mechanical teacher                         (d) none of these 

 Ans. (B) her father

2. How did Kezia feel when her father left for the office?

(A) a sense of relief                                                        (B) lonely

 (C) unhappy                                                                      (D) depressed

Ans.  (A) a sense of relict

3. What thing did Kezia’s father demand when he reached home in the evening?

(A) a cup of tea                                                                 (B) newspaper

(C) slippers                                                                         (D) all the options are correct

 Ans: (D) all the options are correct

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4. Who did the father ask for newspaper and his slippers?

(A) the link girl                                                                   (B) the little girl’s mother

(C) his own mother                                                         (D) none of these

Ans. (C) his own mother

5. What was the name of the little girl?

 (A) Margie                                                                         (B) Kezia

 (C) Alice                                                                              (D) Lucy

Ans. (B) Kezia

6. When did Kezia speak with halts?

 (A) while talking to her father                                   (B) while talking to her teacher

(C) while talking to other people                               (D) while talking to her classmates

 Ans. (A) while talking to her father

7. Why did Grandmother send Kezia down to the drawing room on Sunday afternoon?

 (A) to give her father and mother tea                    (B) to have a nice talk with them

(C) to seek their permission to go out for              (D) to help them in their household jobs playing

 Ans. (B) to have a nice talk with them

8. What did Kezia find her mother always doing?

 (A) peeling vegetables                                                 (B) watching T.V.

 (C) talking to her father                                                                (D) all the options are false Ms.

 Ans. (D) all the options are false

9. Where did Kezia sit in the drawing room?

(A) on the sofa                                                                  (B) on a chair

(C) on a stool                                                                     (D) on a bed

Ans. (C) on a stool

10. What does Kezia’s father compare her to?

 (A) a cat                                                                              (B) a fox

 (C) a sparrow                                                                    (D) an owl Arts.

Ans. (D) an owl

11. Why does the grandmother ask the little girl to go make a present for her father?

 (A) the father’s birthday was the next week      (B) the father was going to be retired the next week

 (C) the father was going to get a big reward       (D) all the options are incorrect the next week

Ans. (A) the father’s birthday was the next week

12. What gift did Kezia want to give to her father on his birthday?

(A) a pin-cushion                                                              (B) a cigarette lighter

 (C) a pen                                                                             (D) a shirt 

 Ans.  (A) a pin-cushion

13. Where was Kezia’s father to give the great speech?

(A) Parliament                                                                   (B) State Assembly

 (C) Port authority                                                            (D) Rail authority

 Ans. (C) Port Authority

14. Who tore up father’s great speech?

(A) Kezia’s mother                                                           (B) Kezia’s grandmother

 (C) Kezia’s brother                                                          (D) Kezia

Ans. (B) Kezia’s grandmother

15. Who lived in ‘Kezia’s neighbourhood?

 (A) The Macmillan                                                        (B) The Macdonalds

(C) The Williams                                                                (D) The Georges

 Ans. (B) The Macdonalds

16. How many children did Mr Macdonald have?

(A) two                                                                                 (B) three

(C) four                                                                                (D) -five

Ans. (D) five

17. In Kezia’s view, what type of father was Mr Macdonald?

(A) very cruel                                                                     (B) very good

(C) very bad                                                                       (D) she had no opinion about him.

Ans. (B) very good

18. What was the name of the cook in Kezia’s house?

(A) Alice                                                                               (B) Lucy

(C) Anne                                                                              (D) Maria

 Ans. (A) Alice

19. Kezia had a nightmare about ………..

 (A) a fairy                                                                           (B) her father

 (C) a butcher with a knife in his hand                     (D) a beautiful garden

Ans. (C) a butcher with a knife in his hand

20. Where had Kezia’s grandmother and mother gone one day?

 (A) to market                                                                    (B) to hospital

 (C) to the cinema                                                                    (D) to on a picnic

Ans. (B) to hospital

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