The Hundred Dresses-I- Value Points & Characters of the Story

By | September 3, 2020

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The Hundred Dresses-I

 By El Bsor Ester

Value Points of the Story

  1. Wanda Petronski usually sat in the last row in Room No. 13.
  2. Only ‘rough boys’ who never scored good marks and made a lot of noise used to sit there.
  3. Wanda was a very quiet girl who rarely said anything to anybody.
  4. She had no friends and came to school and went home alone.
  5. Peggy was the most popular girl in the class.
  6. She was pretty, had many dresses and curly hair.
  7. Wanda was a poor girl who always wore a faded blue dress which was never ironed properly.
  8. Her name Wanda Petronski was difficult to pronounce and looked funny to the children.
  9. Maddie was poor and wore old clothes given to her by Peggy.
  10. She didn’t like Peggy’s questioning of Wanda about her hundred dresses, shoes and hats.
  11. She wished Peggy would not tease and mock Wanda in such an insulting manner.
  12. Everyone was waiting for the winner of the drawing and colour competition.
  13. Everybody thought that Peggy would be the winner as she could draw better than anyone in the class.
  14. Next day, when they entered the room 13, they found drawings all over the room.
  15. Miss Mason declared that where only one or two sketches were sent by most of the girls, one girl sent a hundred drawings, all different and beautiful.
  16. Miss Mason declared that Wanda Petronski was the winner of the girls’ medal.
  17. Unfortunately, Wanda was not present to hear the applause that was due to her.

Main Characters of the Story-  The Hundred Dresses-I

Character Sketch

Peggy: Peggy was not really a cruel girl. In fact, she protected small children from bullies. She was a sensitive girl. She cried for hours if she saw an animal mistreated. She asked Wanda questions about her dresses and shoes. But her intentions were not bad. She simply wanted to have some fun. She was the most popular girl in the class. She was a pretty girl.

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