The Duck and the Kangaroo-Short & Detailed Summary

By | August 13, 2020

The Duck and the Kangaroo is a kind of The Duck Song. It is well explained through The Duck and the Kangaroo Introduction, Message, Theme, Title of The Duck and the Kangaroo, The Duck and the Kangaroo Characters, Summary in English of The Duck and the Kangaroo, Summary in Hindi, Word meanings, Complete lesson in Hindi, Extracts of the chapter The Duck and the Kangaroo, Long answers in the chapter The Duck and the Kangaroo, Short answers, Very short Answers, MCQs and multple choice of The Duck and the Kangaroo and much more by Edumantra.


By- Edward Lear

 Short and Simple Summary of the lesson in EnglishTHE DUCK AND THE KANGAROO / Summary in simple Words/ Critical appreciation of the lesson THE DUCK AND THE KANGAROO


One day a meeting takes place between a Duck and a Kangaroo. The Duck praises the Kangaroo for his hopping ability. The Duck says that he lives in a nasty pond and his life is a bore. Ike strongly desires to go out in the world. He requests the Kangaroo to give him a ride on his back. He promises that he would sit without making any movement or noise.

 The Kangaroo says that he is willing but before this, he requires some reflection. He tells the Duck that he lives all the time in the water. His feet are so wet and cold that if he sits on his back he might catch the disease of roomatiz.

 The Duck says that the Kangaroo need not worry about this. He says that he has bought four pairs of woollen socks and his feet are always warm. He also has bought a cloak to keep himself warm.

The Kangaroo agrees to give a ride to the Duck. He asks the Duck to sit at the end of his tail. They start their riding programme very happily. They go round the world three times.


A Duck living in a pond is fascinated with the hopping abilities of the Kangaroo. She compares her dull life in the silly pond with the unending hopping of the Kangaroo over fields and the water. She expresses a deep desire to go to the far off world with the Kangaroo. The Duck then requests the Kangaroo to take her for a ride on his back. She promises to sit very still throughout the day without uttering anything but ‘quack quack’. She wishes to travel over the land and the sea. She particularly desires to visit ‘Dee’ and ‘Jelly Bo Lee’, imaginary places that fascinate her.

The Kangaroo is moved by this request and tells the Duck that the idea is not a bad one but it needs to be thought over as it could possibly bring him luck. He then politely raises an objection that since the Duck’s feet are wet and cold, it might make him fall sick and might give him rheumatism, a disease that causes stiffness and pain in joints.

The Duck offers to solve this problem by carrying four pairs of well-fitting woollen socks to cover her web-feet neatly. She adds that she will smoke a cigar every day and will also bring a cloak to keep the cold away. She assures that she would do all this for the true love that she has for the Kangaroo.

The Kangaroo agrees to start the journey in a pale moon-light night. He instructs the Duck to sit still on the tip of his tail so that his balance is not shaken. Thus they both start their trip and go hopping around the world thrice. This adventure makes them the happiest pair.

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