The Book That Saved The Earth Theme

By | September 9, 2023
The Book That Saved The Earth Theme

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The Book That Saved The Earth Theme

The play ‘The Book that Saved the Earth’ is based on the theme that half-fed knowledge is always dangerous. It also tells how an old book of rhymes ‘Mother Goose’ saved the world from Martian invasion. The play is set in the 25th century. But Historian turns on the hysteroscope and brings us back to the twentieth century, five centuries back. The play begins with great and mighty Think-Tank with the people of Marks Central Control.

 Think—Tank is the Commander—in—Chief and the rulers of Mars. He is praised and flattered as the most intelligent and powerful creature in the whole universe. But Think Tank gives ridiculous and fantastic interpretations of books. He calls them sandwiches. His misinterpretations of the rhymes of `Mother Goose’ belie all the tall claims. He is nothing more than an ignorant and haughty despot who relishes nothing but pure and simple, flattery and psychophancy. In the end, Think—Tanks stops the invasion on Earth and orders the complete evacuation of Mars.

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