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The Bond of Love MCQ

1. Who is Bruno?

(a)Author’s pet dog

(b)Author’s wife’s pet dog

(c)Author’s wife’s pet sloth bear

(d)Author’s wife’s pet deer

2. Two years ago, the author and his wife were passing through the sugarcane fields of





3. To clear their way while driving, the people were shooting at


(b)Wild pigs

(c)Wild dogs


4. Who promptly shot the sloth bear?


(b)Author’s wife

(c)Author’s companion

(d)The police inspector

5. The sloth bear had come out on the road _______ in the hot sun


(b)Eating fruits

(c)Chasing a dog


6. “…..unfortunately for the poor beast…..” Who is the beast referred to here?

(a)The wild pig

(b)Sloth bear

(c)The pet dog

(d)None of the above

7. What kind of hair sloth bears have?

(a)Long and golden



(d)They are bald

8. In India, sloth bears can be found in

(a)The snowy Himalayas

(b)Amidst the city life

(c)Tropical rain forests

(d)the deserts

9. What is the main food for sloth bears?





10. The sudden shot had killed the

(a)Father sloth bear

(b)Mother sloth bear

(c)Baby sloth bear

(d)Both (b) and (c)

11. After seeing Bruno, the author’s wife stayed near the cage for

(a)3 hours

(b)4 hours

(c)2 hours

(d)1 hour

12. Who had the opinion that Baba would not recognize the author’s wife?


(b)Author’s son

(c)Author’s friends

(d)Zoo authority

13. During the closing time, who cried bitterly?


(b)Author’s wife


(d)Both (b) and (c)

14. Who requested the curator to give Baba back?


(b)Author’s wife

(c)Author’s son

(d)The Superintendent  

15. The _________ was a kindhearted man who wrote to the curator to arrange a cage for transporting Baba

(a)The author

(b)The chief minister

(c)The Superintendent  

(d)The MLA

16. As soon as they reached home back with Baba, the author attempted to make

(a)A cage for Baba

(b)A chain for Baba

(c)An island for Baba

(d)A mansion for Baba

17. Baba used to sit on the lap of


(b)Author’s wife

(c)Author’s son


18. The chapter portrays a beautiful bonding of

(a)Two lovers

(b)A human being and animal

(c)Two friends

(d)Author and his wife

19. Baba seemed pretty heavy, however managed to sit on the lap of the author’s wife when he was

(a)12 months old

(b)13 months old

(c)14 months old

(d)15 months old

20. A ________ was arranged and put up on the island for Baba to sleep at night


(b)Gunny back

(c)Wooden Box

(d)Straw bags

21. Why Bruno had to be kept in chain most of the time?

(a)Because of the zoo authority

(b)Because of tenants’ children

(c)Because of the wild animals

(d)Because of the poison in the library

22. Who all advised the author’s wife to keep Bruno in a zoo?


(b)Author’s son

(c)Author’s friends

(d)All of the above

23. What did the zoo authority send to pack Bruno off?

(a)A gunny bag

(b)A cage

(c)A box

(d)Both (b) and (a)

24. How did the author’s wife feel when Bruno was sent off to the zoo?

(a)She was relieved

(b)She was free from distractions

(c)She was deeply sad

(d)She was indifferent

25. Who wrote quite a number of letters to the curator of the zoo after Bruno was sent there?

(a)The author

(b)The author’s son

(c)The author’s friends

(d)The author’s wife

26. Bruno was sent to a zoo in





27. How was the condition of Bruno as described by the author’s friends when they had visited him in the zoo?

(a)Sad but fat

(b)Sad and Thin

(c)Thin and strong

(d)Thin and happy

28. According to the keepers of the zoo, Bruno was

(a)Well built



(d)Gaining weight

29. For how long the author managed to restrain his wife from visiting Mysore after Bruno was sent there?

(a)3 months

(b)2 months

(c)4 months

(d)3.5 months

30. As soon as Baba saw the author’s wife, he howled with




(d)Both (a) and (c)

31. Who ran to capture the baby sloth bear in the first place?

(a)Author’s wife

(b)Author himself

(c)Zoo authority

(d)Author’s companion

32. They put the baby sloth bear in one of the


(b)Gunny bags

(c)Animal jails

(d)Wooden box

33. The baby sloth bear tried to scratch the author with its

(a)Blunt claws

(b)Extended beaks

(c)Long, hooked claws

(d)Fine nails

34. The author presented the sloth bear to

(a)The Zoo department

(b)The Museum

(c)His wife

(d)To his friend

35. Once the author’s wife had put a ________ around the bear’s neck

(a)Colored ribbon


(c)Yellow necklace

(d)Blue garland

36. Bruno would eat

(a)Only meat

(b)Only vegetables


(d)Only termites

37. Bruno became very attached to

(a)Two German Shepherds

(b)Two Alsatian dogs

(c)Two Golden Retrievers

(d)Two Street dogs from the locality

38. During his younger days, Bruno would go and sleep in



(c)Author’s beds

(d)With his mother

39. What poison did the author keep in his place?

(a)Potassium cyanide

(b)Potassium carbonate

(c)Barium carbonate

(d)Barium phosphate

40. Why did the author buy the poison?

(a)To kill mice

(b)To kill rats

(c)To kills termites

(d)Both (a) and (b)

41. What happened to Bruno after he ate the poison?

(a)He died

(b)Became paralyzed

(c)Was admitted to the hospital

(d)Became blind

42. How many times Bruno was injected with the antidote by the vet?





43. After__________ minutes, Bruno could get up.





44. Once Bruno drank a lot of _________ which the author had drained from the sump of the Studebaker

(a)Mustard oil

(b)Refined oil

(c)Old Engine oil

(d)Coconut greasy oil

45. The author had kept the oil against the inroads of





46. Bruno equaled the ____________ in height and even outgrown them





47. Even though Bruno grew up large, he was still




(d)Both (a) and (c)

48. Who changes Bruno’s name?

(a)The author’s wife


(c)The vet

(d)The zoo authority

49. What was Bruno’s new name?





50. At which command did Bruno tackle everyone who came forward for a rough and tumble?

(a)Baba wrestle

(b)Baba kill

(c)Baba fight

(d)Baba punch


1.(c)Author’s wife’s pet sloth bear
2. (d)Mysore
3. (b)Wild pigs
4. (c)Author’s companion
5. (d)Panting
6. (b)Sloth bear
7. (c)Shaggy
8. (c)Tropical rain forests
9. (b)Termites
10. (b)Mother sloth bear
11.(a)3 hours
12. (c)Author’s friends
13. (d)Both (b) and (c)
14. (b)Author’s wife
15. (c)The Superintendent
16. (c)An island for Baba
17. (b)Author’s wife
18. (b)A human being and animal
19. (d)15 months old
20. (c)Wooden Box
21.(b)Because of tenants’ children
22. (d)All of the above
23. (b)A cage
24. (c)She was deeply sad
25. (d)The author’s wife
26. (d)Mysore
27. (b)Sad and Thin
28. (b)Unhappy
29. (a)3 months
30. (b)Happiness
31.(b)Author himself
32. (b)Gunny bags
33. (c)Long, hooked claws
34. (c)His wife
35. (a)Colored ribbon
36. (c)Everything
37. (b)Two Alsatian dogs
38. (c)Author’s beds
39. (c)Barium carbonate
40. (d)Both (a) and (b)
41.(b)Became paralyzed
42. (c)2
43. (d)30
44. (c)Old-Engine oil
45. (d)Termites
46. (b)Alsatians
47. (d)Both (a) and (c)
48. (a)The author’s wife
49. (c)Baba
50. (a)Baba wrestle

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