The Address Introduction Class 11

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The Address Introduction Class 11

The Address is a very touching story. You can call it a tale of war, as it narrates two situations—one before the liberation war and the other post-war period. It revolves around the young daughter of Mrs S,s who in good faith allows her old time friend Mrs Dorling to carry away all the table silver and precious old things to her own house for safe-keeping. The narrator during her first homecoming notices many things missing. When she comes back home a second time, she sees Mrs Dorling taking away a heavy suitcase. She is also told by her mother to remember the address of Mrs Dorling. After the liberation, normalcy returns. The narrator feels like seeing and touching her things.

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She goes to Marconi Street address to see Mrs Dorling. There she gets a very cold reception from her and is not allowed to come inside. When she goes there the second time, Mrs Dorling’s daughter invites her in. The narrator is sad to see all her mother’s precious articles kept in the untidy room in a tasteless manner. Then she decides not to recover them. She even resolves to forget the address.
The story tells how war affects the lives of civilians as well. It disturbs the normal life and leads to conflicts and tension. The narrator loses her interest in her old stuff because they evoke the memories of her former life and make her nostalgic.

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