The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse- Important Extra Questions Long Answer Type

           The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse

     By- William Saroyan

Important Long/ Detailed Answer Type Questions- to be answered in about 100 -150 words each Value based questions-

1. Give a brief account of Mourad’s adventure with the white home.

 Ans. Mourad was a daredevil crazy boy. He was fond of horse riding. So, he stole the beautiful white horse of John Byro from his vineyard. He hid it in a deserted barn and enjoyed the ride every morning. One morning, he invited his cousin Aram also to share the joy. He had a way with the wild horse. Aram hesitated because it was a stolen horse. Yet he joined his cousin and enjoyed the ride. Mourad rode alone as well. He sang and roared with joy. He let the horse run across a field of dry grass to an irrigation ditch. He returned five minutes later. He warned Aram not to ride alone because the horse was quite wild.

2. Compare and contrast the characters of Mourad and Aram.

Ans. Mourad and Aram were cousins and belonged to Garoghlanian tribe which was known for its honesty. Mourad was thirteen and Aram was nine years old. Both longed to ride a horse. But their family was too poor to buy a horse. Both were adventure-loving. Both knew that their family was well known for honesty and right conduct. But Mourad could not help stealing John Byro’s horse. While he had a streak of craziness, Aram was honest and simple-hearted. Mourad was more talented and bolder than Aram. He domesticated the wild horse of John Byro. He repaired the injured wing of a robin bird; he knew how to deal with a horse, and how to soothe a dog. Comparatively, Aram was timid and obedient. Mourad could easily lie to John Byro about the horse. Aram could never do it.

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3. Bring out some of the notable traits of Mourad’s character.

 Ans. Mourad, the son of Zorab, was the 13-year old cousin of Aram. Zorab was a practical man but Mourad was most unlike him. He was considered as crazy as his uncle Khosrove. He was not so honest as his family or tribe. He did not hesitate to steal John Byro’s horse. He was as fond of horse riding as his cousin, but they did not have the mean’s to buy a horse. Very cleverly he hid the horse in a deserted barn and took it out at daybreak for a joy-ride. He loved adventure and singing. He had remarkable self-confidence. He said boastfully that he had a way with a horse, a dog and a farmer. He denied that he was a thief. When he realised that he was found out, he returned the horse to its owner John Byro after about six weeks.

4. The narrator’s uncle Khosrove was known to be a crazy fellow. Give a few instances of his craziness.

  Ans. The narrator’s uncle Khosrove was an enormous man with a large moustache. But he was considered crazy or capricious by the people who knew him. He was furious by nature. He was easily annoyed. He was impatient. He would not let anybody have his say. He silenced people with his roar. Once his house was on fire and his son ran to the barber’s shop to give the bad news. But he paid no serious attention to it and roared “It is no harm; pay no attention to it”. He got irritated when John spoke about his stolen horse. and walked out of the room. He was a strange character.

5. Narrate the story of the stolen white horse is not more than 100 words.

  Ans.   It was not morning yet when Mourad woke up his cousin Aram. Aram jumped out of the bed and could not believe his eyes. He saw Mourad seated on the back of a white horse. He had no doubt at all that Mourad had stolen that horse. Anyway, he joined his cousin to have a joyride. Mourad hid it in deserted vineyard barn of Fetvajian. He warned Aram to say, in case they were found out, that they had started riding that very morning. The horse, in fact, belonged to John Byro who spoke about it in Aram’s house. Aram informed Mourad about Byro. They continued their rides for another fortnight.

One morning, they met John Byro who recognised his horse. But Mourad told a white lie that his horse was called My Heart. John Byro pretended that he believed them because he said he knew their family so well. Their family was famous for its honesty. He, however, returned the horse the next morning to Byro.

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