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By | September 23, 2023
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In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from Silk Road. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying Silk Road Word Meanings from Hornbill Class 11.”

Hard Words : Silk Road Page No.-59

Flawless = perfect, unblemished (दोषरहित), Extended = stretched, prolonged (विस्तारित), Farewell = goodbye, parting (विदाई), Sheepskin = leather, hide (भेड़ की चमड़ी), Shortcut = quicker route, bypass (छोटा रास्ता), Likelihood = chance, probability (संभावना),

Emerged = appeared, surfaced (प्रकट हुआ), Glowed = shined, radiated (चमका), Duck = bend down, stoop (झुकना), Assured = guaranteed, promised (आश्वासित किया), Rolling = undulating, moving (लहराता हुआ), Vast = huge, expansive (विशाल)

Silk Road Difficult Words in English Page No.-60

Nibbling = biting softly, grazing (नष्ट करते हुए), Arid = dry, barren (शुष्क), Bounding = leaping, jumping (उछलते हुए), Void = emptiness, vacuum (शून्य), Stony = rocky, full of stones (पत्थरीला), Manoeuvres = movements, operations (गतिविधियों),

Plumes = feather-like clouds, tufts (पंखानुमान), Evasive = avoiding, dodging (टाल-मटोल करनेवाला), Mastiff = large dog breed, guard dog (एक बड़ी नस्ल का कुत्ता), Beasts = animals, creatures (जानवर), Shaggy = hairy, bushy (बालदार), Swerve = turn suddenly, veer (अचानक मुड़ना), Frown = show displeasure, scowl (भ्रू चौड़ा करना), Billowed = swelled out, puff up (फैलना),

Solitary = alone, single (अकेला), Tending = caring for, looking after (देखभाल करना), Collars = neckbands, necklace (गले की पट्टी), Furiously = angrily, violently (अत्यधिक रोष के साथ)  

Good Word Meaning of the Lesson Silk Road Page No.-61

Chase = pursue, follow (पीछा करना), Tribute = payment, gift (श्रद्धांजलि), Clogged = blocked, obstructed (अवरुद्ध), Meanders = winding paths, twists (मोड़), Encrusted = coated, covered (लेपित), Slither = slide, glide (सरकना), Sturdy = strong, robust (मज़बूत), Icy = frozen, very cold (हिमीकृत),

Blockage = obstruction, barrier (अवरोध), Upslope = inclined surface, upward hill (ऊपर की ढलान), Swathe = strip, band (पट्टी), Pitched in = helped, contributed (योगदान दिया), Survey = examine, inspect (सर्वेक्षण), Imperial = royal, majestic (साम्राज्यिक), Horizon = skyline, where sky meets earth (क्षितिज),

Glinting = shimmering, sparkling (चमकना), Gained height = ascended, went up (ऊंचाई पाना), Bank = side of river, edge (किनारा), Bumpier = more uneven, rougher (असमान)

English Difficult Words of the Chapter Silk Road Page No.-62

Slope = incline, gradient (ढलान), Studded = dotted, adorned (सजा हुआ), Lurching = staggering, stumbling (आवेग में बढ़ना), Throb = pulse, beat (धड़कन), Cairn = stone pile, marker (पत्थरों का ढेर), Festooned = decorated, adorned (सजावटी), Erected = set up, constructed (स्थापित किया हुआ),

Pockmarked = marked with pits, scarred (निशानों से भरा हुआ), Vestiges = remnants, traces (अवशेष), Collision = crash, clash (टक्कर), Glare = strong brightness, shine (चमक), Puncture = tire hole, tire leak (पंक्चर), Liberally = freely, abundantly (धेर सारा), Refuse = garbage, trash (कचरा),

Vegetation = plant life, flora (वनस्पति), Trade route = path for trading, commerce path (व्यापार मार्ग), Bade = said goodbye, parted (अलविदा कहना), Miserable = wretched, unhappy (दुःखी)

Silk Road Class 11 Word Meaning in English Page No.-63

Venerated = revered, respected (सम्मानित), Cosmology = universe study, space theory (ब्रह्मांड शास्त्र), Headwaters = river source, origin (नदी का स्रोत), Striking distance = very close, nearby (निकटता में), Forge ahead = progress, advance (आगे बढ़ना), Draught = breeze, airflow (हवा का झोंका), Confinement = captivity, restraint (बंधन), Stark contrast = clear difference, opposition (स्पष्ट विरोध),

Sanctity = holiness, purity (पवित्रता), Hallowed = sacred, blessed (पवित्र), Admitting = allowing, permitting (स्वीकार करना), Abruptly = suddenly, quickly (अचानक), Pinpoints = identifies, specifies (निर्दिष्ट करता है), Flanks = sides, edges (किनारे), Encounters = meetings, confrontations (मुलाकातें), Moved = affected, touched (प्रभावित होना), Burst = explode, erupt (विस्फोट), Guesthouse = inn, lodge (अतिथिगृह),

Rubbish dump = garbage pile, waste heap (कूड़ा डंप), Solitary = alone, single (अकेला), Convinced = sure, certain (आत्म-संतुष्ट), Accustomed = used to, familiar with (अभ्यस्त), Disturbances = interruptions, disruptions (विघ्न), Nostril = nose hole, nasal passage (नाक की छिद्र)  

The Silk Road Class 11 English To English Word Meaning Page No.-64

Strangely = oddly, unusually (अजीब), Nasal = nose-related, nostril (नाक का), Curious = odd, inquisitive (जिज्ञासु), Impulses = urges, drives (प्रवृत्तियाँ), Gasping = panting, choking (हाँफते हुए), Sinuses = cavities, spaces (गुहा), Medical college = hospital, clinic (चिकित्सा महाविद्यालय),

Monastery = shrine, temple (मठ), Consulting room = clinic, chamber (चिकित्सा कक्ष), Paraphernalia = gear, tools (उपकरण), Altitude = height, elevation (ऊंचाई), Kora = circuit, path (परिपथ), Envelope = wrapper, cover (लिफ़ाफ़ा), Cinnamon = spice, bark (दालचीनी), Pellets = balls, beads (गेंद),

Sleepless = restless, insomniac (अनिद्र), Aversion = dislike, distaste (घृणा), Courtyard = patio, yard (आंगन), Symptoms = signs, indications (लक्षण), Recover = heal, recuperate (स्वस्थ होना)  

Chapter 8 Silk Road Word Meaning English Page No.-65

Lhasa = capital of Tibet, city (ल्हासा), Passed away = died, expired (स्वर्गवासी हो जाना), Rubble = debris, wreckage (मलबा), Refuse = trash, waste (कूड़ा), Rudimentary = basic, primitive (मौलिक), Incongruous = out-of-place, unsuitable (असंगत), Brook = stream, creek (झरना),

Pilgrims = travelers, devotees (तीर्थयात्री), Pondering = considering, reflecting (विचार करना), Options = choices, alternatives (विकल्प), Pilgrimage = religious journey, expedition (तीर्थयात्रा), Kora = circuit, path (परिपथ),

Blockage = obstruction, barrier (रोक), Cavernous = spacious, vast (गहरा), Wreathed = surrounded, encircled (घेरा हुआ), Multi-coloured = colorful, varied (बहुरंगी)  

Difficult Word Meaning English of Silk Road Class 11 Page No.-66

Stripe = band, line (धारी), Voluminous = large, bulky (विस्तृत), Export = shipment, send out (निर्यात), Silk Road = ancient trade route (रेशम मार्ग), Rickety = shaky, unsteady (डगमगाता हुआ), Windcheater = jacket, outerwear (विंडचीटर), Academic = scholarly, educational (शैक्षिक),

Kora = circuit, path (परिपथ), Buddhist = follower of Buddhism (बौद्ध), Enthusiasm = eagerness, passion (उत्साह), Tibetan = from Tibet, native (तिब्बती), Devout = pious, dedicated (धार्मिक), Believer = follower, devotee (आस्थायी), Yaks = Himalayan animals, beasts (याक),

Luggage = baggage, bags (सामान), Prostrate = bow, kneel (साष्टांग प्रणाम), Hysterical = frantic, uncontrollable (उन्मत्त)