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By | September 23, 2023
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In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from The Address. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying The Address Word Meanings from Snapshots Class 11.”

Hard Words : The Address Pages 10-11

poignantpathetic,दयनीय; belongingsthings that belonged to her, furniture and crockery, etc.,अपनी चीजें; evokearouse, stoke up,जगा देना; resolvesmakes up her mind,निश्चय कर लेती है;  searchinglycuriously, doubtfully,खोजी द्दष्टि से; chinknarrow opening,दरार;

preventstop, check,रोकना; absolutelycompletely,पूर्णरूप से; recognitionof familiarity,पहचान; staringlooking fixedly, एकटक देखती रही; it isn’t hershe is not the same woman or the right place,वही महिला 

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fleetinglyfor a moment or a short time, थोड़ी देर के लिए; probableperhaps,शायद ; let go offreed,छोड़ दिया; mustysmelling damp,सीलन युक्त ; emergedcame out,निकली; convenientcomfortable,सुविधापूर्ण; noddedshook her head in agreement or approval,हाँ के भाव से सिर  हिलाया;

cautiouslycarefully,सावधानीपूर्वक; bay windowa window forming a recess,खिड़की जहाँ बैठने की जगह भी हो ; enamelpaint. smooth hard coating of colour,पेंट,रंग,; jambside post of the door or window,चौखट का एक भाग;

struckoccurred,ध्यान में आया ; variousseveral, अनेक ; apparentlyclearly, स्पष्ट था ; acquaintancesame, familiar person, पूर्व परिचित महिला ; in one goin one trip,एक बार में;

antiqueold-fashioned,पुराकालीन; luggingdragging heavy load,भारी बोझ घसीटते हुए  ; vasesflower pots, ornamental vessel,सजावटी पात्र ; crickmuscle problem,ऐंठन; shookmoved, हिलाया; insistedpressed hard,हठ की,बार बार कहा I

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The Address Difficult Words in English Page 12

entirely fully, पूर्णरूप स े; convincedassured,आश्वस्त; reprovinglyin a scolding manner,झिड़कते हुए; upsetdisturb discomfort,व्यथित करना; preciousgood old days, valuable,बहुमूल्य; beckonedmotioned, called with the movement of hand,बुलाया;

noddedshook her head,सिर हिला दिया; initiallyat the start, at first,प्रारम्भ में; liberationfreedom,आज़ादी; stored stuffold things,पुरानी चीजें;

confrontedface to face with,आमना-सामना करते हुए; enduredsurvived,सुरक्षित बनी रही  ; graduallyby and by,धीरे-धीरे; unthreatenedwith no fear,निर्भय होकर,बेखटके; glancingwatching, देखते रहे थे ;

curiouseager about,जिज्ञासु; possessionsgoods, articles,वस्तुएँ ; doing an errandgone out on purpose,काम से बाहर गई I

Good Word Meaning of the Lesson The Address Page 13

Passagecovered verandah or gallery,गलियारा; cumbersomeheavy,वजनी ; horrifiedtilled with fear,भयभीत; oppressedtroubled,व्यथित कर रही थी; tasteless wayclumsy, disorderly,फूहड़ तरीके से  ;  muggydamp,नमी युक्त; scarcelyhardly, at all,नहीं के बराबर;

patterndesign,नमूना,डिज़ाईन  edgeborder,किनारा; pouredput, filled the cup with,डाला; lidcover, ढक्कन ; antiqueof olden times and precious,पुरानी ओर कीमती ; fanciedliked,पसन्द करती थी ; pewterzinc, an alloy made of tin and lead. जस्ता धातु I

English Difficult Words of the Lesson The Address

cutleryknives, forks, spoons. etc.,छुरी,काँटे,आद ि; intentlykeenly, closely,ध्यानपूर्वक; Jinglingmetallic sound, खनक; objectsthings,वस्तुएँ; instantlyat once,तुरन्त; severedseparated,पृथक होन ा; shredssmall pieces, remains,छोटे-छोटे टुकड़े, अवशेष; resolveddetermined,निश्चय कर लिया  I

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