Reported Speech Rules, Examples and worksheet No.11

By | April 4, 2019

Direct and Indirect Speech sentences are really very helpful to learn English but how to teach direct and indirect speech is a big art and this can be done through direct indirect speech rules and narration rules so we are providing a direct and indirect speech rules chart and some reported speech worksheet and direct indirect speech examples and finally direct and indirect speech quiz which will help you change into indirect speech answer . So you need to go through direct and indirect speech rules pdf and teach and learn narration-


Click here for “Direct Indirect Speech Rules Chart”


1. Read the given conversation and complete the following passage:

An elderly gentleman with a hearing problem goes to an audiologist, who fits him with

hearing aids. A month later, the man returns to the doctor for a checkup. “Your hearing is f almost perfect,” the doctor remarks. “Your family must be really pleased you can hear again “Oh, I haven’t told them yet,” the gentleman replies.” I just sit around and listen to their conversation”. The doctor remarked, “You are smart!”  The gentleman replies, “I’ve changed my will three times so far”! 

The doctor told the gentleman that (a)______ .The gentle replied (b) ________ .The  doctor  commented that (c) ______ . The gentleman said that (d)_________ .

2. Read the given conversation and complete the following passage:

Raman: I have planned to go out with my friends for dinner today

Renu: Then I’ll come along with my friends.

Raman: That will be a good idea,

Renu: So, where should we go for dinner?

Raman: Let us decide on the place.

Raman told Renu that (a)_______ . Then, Renu said (b) _______ which Raman thought (c) _______  . When Renu asked where they should go for dinner. Raman replied (d) _______  


1.(a) his hearing was almost perfect

 (b) that he hadn’t told them at that time and that he just sat around and listened to  their conversation

 (c) he was smart

 (d) he had changed his will three times so far

2. (a) he had planned to go out with his friends for dinner that day.

 (b) that she would come along with her friends.

 (c) would be a good idea.

 (d) that they should decide on the Place.

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