22. Reading Skills Comprehension: Stress Reliever

Read the following passage carefully.                                                                   

Stress Reliever

1 While it is a well-known fact that yoga, certain kinds of music and some calming foods, are known to relieve stress, the latest trend is the search for certain scents with calming properties that can help a person to unwind and soothe the nerves.

2 One such scent that is now being touted as having calming properties, is lavender. It has long been a popular ingredient used in most spas as the scent is believed to help one sleep better. To test its properties one sleep better. To test its properties one can opt for a lotion with lavender as its ingredient. An even better option is to spray the scent on the pillow for a Sound sleep.

3 Everyone has heard of mint Chutney that is served with samosas and pakoras, but few would think of applying a mint based paste on One’s body. Yet this is just what is recommended for those who would like a smooth and purifying effect on the mind, brought about by this application.

4 Citrus fruits are not only good for health but also serve as good mood lifters. Sniffing lemon zest Is believed to soothe Overstress and the smell of grapefruit is known to curb depression. Other advantages include memory enhancement from smelling oranges. Even the zest of an orange can make one feel energetic. Therapists also recommend that one can light an orange-scented candle by one’s side, in the bath, and imbibe the same benefits.

5 For that nagging headache that comes on whenever you step out into the scorching sun, there is yet a cure available from the array of calming scents. According to some researchers sniffing at a green apple cannot only cure a headache but help alleviate it altogether.

6 The latest finding of the calming properties of scents has entered the realm of roses. Since time immemorial the flower has been associated with happiness, love and joy. With this new finding, it will now embody an additional quality that of relieving stress. The ideal way to prove it would be to use a rose-scented soap or massage with rose-scented body oil before going under the shower,

1.1 Answer the following questions in about 30-40 words.                                               

(a) What does the latest research into scents reveal?

(b) What are the latest findings of the properties of lavender?

(c) How do citrus fruits help in calming the body?

(d) What are the properties of green apples?

1.2 Do as directed.                                                                                                                

(a) The word ‘calming’ used in the passage denotes……………………

(i) composing oneself                       (ii) decomposing oneself

(iii) making oneself sleepy            (iv) adding colour to one’s life

(b) The word ‘touted’ in the passage expresses………………….

(i) winning a horse race                (II) trying to promote something

(iii) giving away things                  (iv) going on a fast walk

(c) When ‘something is recommended’ it is………………………..

(i) widely criticized                          (ii) re-used a second time

(iii) widely approved                      (iv) started again

(d) ‘A therapist is a person who ………………………..

(i) is an animal doctor                    (ii) practices medicine without a degree

(iii) a mind doctor                           (iv) is a doctor in theory

 Answer – 1.1

1 (a) The latest research is concentrated on finding out the calming properties of certain scents. The calming properties can then be applied or sniffed at. so a person using them can be helped to unwind. 

(b) A popular ingredient in most spas, the scent of lavender has been known to help one sleep better. To test its properties one can opt for a lotion with lavender as its ingredient. Spraying the scent on the pillow can produce sound sleep

(C) Citrus fruits, being good mood lifters, bring about an aura of calm. Sniffing lemon zest is a stress buster. Grapefruit curbs depression Other advantages include memory enhancement from smelling oranges and orange zest makes one feel energetic.

(d) Sniffing at green apples can help cure a headache. It can also alleviate it altogether.

Answer- 1.2

 (a) (i)         (b) (ii)             (c) (iii)                        (d) (iii)

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