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By | February 28, 2023
Packing Summary Class 9 In English

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Packing Summary Class 9 in English

The author, not an expert in packing, and friends, both George and Harris, decided to take a holiday. The author thought he’d be able to pack it all up himself. Then he told them about how he thought he was an expert on how to do it. They both agreed quickly. George sat in a chair with his pipe, Harris put his feet on the table and lit a cigar. The author was not happy that he accepted an offer to pack for Harris and George. He had thought the vacation should be his and he would boss them around.
When he worked, no one else was and seeing others work easily irritated him. At the same time, it pleased him to get up and watch over everyone’s work. When packing Harris’ car, the narrator didn’t think the process would take long. At last, he finished packing. But when they got to Texas, Harris told him he had not packed the suitcase. He opened it and placed the boots into it before closing it back up. When he wanted to make sure that his toothbrush was there this morning, he unzipped everything again but could not find it.
Finally, George found his toothbrush in a boot, repacked his things again, and asked Did you pack soap? He decided not to do the packing again. But he found that he had packed his tobacco pouch in it. So he reopened the bag and repacked it before completing the packing at 10:05 p.m. A new start-up called George and Hat doesn’t like what their article writer did. So they decided to pack the deliveries themselves, but then chaos erupted. They broke a cup while packing, someone else put jam on a tomato without knowing, and Harris stepped on some butter. They packed the pies at the bottom and they put heavy things on top and smashed the pies.
Harris found butter sticking to the sole of George’s slipper, who then got it off the slipper and put it on a chair. Harris sat on the butter, which then stuck to him. They started looking for it all over the room. Suddenly, George saw it on the back of Harris. When they finally found the teapot, they packed it in. Their dog added to the confusion. He thought lemons were rats and chased them. When he put his leg in the jam, it spoiled it. Finally, their packing task was completed at 12:50am and they went to sleep for their early morning gathering next day.

Packing Summary Class 9 in English (2) :

Jerome, Harris, and George are three friends about to embark on a journey. The story begins with the important task of packing for their trip. Jerome tells his friends to let him do the packing by himself. His true intent is to get George and Harris to pack for him under his supervision and guidance. One day, Jerome learns his friends take his advice seriously when they unexpectedly stretch out and leave him with all the work. He’s irritated with their attitude but gets busy packing his bag in a long drawn out session.
After packing for hours, he finally straps up the bag. His friends watch him silently as Harris packs, and when he’s finished, Harris announces that he left the shoes unpacked. Jerome opens the bag again to accommodate the shoes–leaving an annoyed Jerome. Uncertain about having packed his toothbrush, Jerome had to rifle through all the items in his bag before locating the brush. After a lot of effort, he found it in one of the boots. It was then that he put everything back into the bag and re-packed it. This time, Jerome gets so irritated by the phone call that he does not even bother about the query and straps up his bags. But, later that night he has to unpack them again, because he had packed his spectacles instead of the soap.
Eventually, it is past 10 when the packing is finally done. Throughout the process of packing hampers, Jerome took a long time. George and Harris think they’ll pack the hampers faster and show Jerome just how much more efficient they are. However, they break a cup at the beginning of the process, then tread on cheeses by putting heavy things on them, in addition to smashing pie crusts by wrapping heavy objects around them. After all the time it took Jerome to pack the bags, George and Harris decide to help him out, opening doors to packing. But they are equally clumsy and break a cup at the very outset.
This is followed by squashing a tomato, treading on the butter and smashing pies by putting heavy objects on them. Salt flies all over after they pack it all up. On their journey to find the butter, George and Harris tried several times without success to put the butter in the pan. By the end of their search they were able to scrape it up and put it behind Harris’s back before making an easy mess of things. The men later found it on top of the teapot where it was impossible to reach.
Montmorency, the family’s pet dog, helps pack by climbing into jams and crushing lemons as though they were rats. Finally, the packing is done at 12:50. The discussion of the wake-up time has to happen after that. George is so tired from all his work, he falls asleep even before they decide on the time they will be getting up. Jerome and Harris decide that 6:30 in the morning would be the right time to get up. Then they fall asleep too.