English MCQ Packing Objective quiz Class 9 Part-4

By | July 17, 2023

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By- Jerome K. Jerome

Multiple-choice questions

1. After squashing the tomato, how did they pick it out?

(a)With a tablespoon

(b)With a teaspoon

(c)With a knife

(d)With a clamp

2. Who trod over the butter while packing?





3. The author sat on the edge of the _______ and watched them packing.





4. The author’s pose of sitting on the edge of the table made George and Harris




(d)All of the above

5. While packing, what did George and Harris smash by putting heavy things on it?





6. What did George and Harris pour on everything while packing?





7. What food material created the maximum mess while packing?





8. Who sat on the butter put on the chair?





9. Who had actually put down the butter on the chair?





10. What was the most extraordinary thing that George had ever heard of?

(a)The disappearance of Harris

(b)The disappearance of tomatoes

(c)The disappearance of pies

(d)The disappearance of butter


1.(b)With a teaspoon
2. (a)George
3. (c)Table
4. (d)All of the above
5. (a)Pies
6. (b)Salt
7. (c)Butter
8. (d)Harris
9. (a)George
10. (d)The disappearance of butter

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