English MCQ Packing Objective quiz Class 9 Part-2

By | July 17, 2023

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By- Jerome K. Jerome

Multiple-choice questions

1.“Ain’t you going to put the boots in?” Who said this?

(a)The lazy man




2. Who laughed an irritating senseless laugh after the author had finished packing?





3. What made the author so wild after he had shut and strapped the bag?

(a)Harris’s question of packing

(b)George’s laugh

(c)The old man’s laziness

(d)Power cut

4. What was the horrible idea that occurred to the author’s mind right after packing the boots?

(a)If he had packed the passport inside

(b)If he had taken his swimsuit

(c)If he had packed his toothbrush

(d)If he had booked the flight

5. What is the thing that haunts the author whenever he is traveling?





6. The author would get up from his deep sleep with cold perspiration and hunt for his





7. At the last moment, before any trip, the author would wrap the toothbrush in

(a)Side bag


(c)Pocket handkerchief


8. While searching for his own toothbrush, the author found the toothbrush of George and Harris

(a)Over 18 times

(b)Over 20 times

(c)Over 8 times

(d)Over 12 times

9. Finally, where did the author find his toothbrush?

(a)Under the bed

(b)Inside the closet

(c)On the table

(d)Inside a boot

10. What did George ask the author immediately after he had already repacked once?

(a)Whether the soap was inside

(b)Whether he packed winter clothes

(c)If the tickets were ready

(d)If the boots were packed


2. (c)George
3. (b)George’s laugh
4. (c)If he had packed his toothbrush
5. (d)Toothbrush
6. (c)Toothbrush
7. (c)Pocket handkerchief
8. (a)Over 18 times
9. (d)Inside a boot
10. (a)Whether the soap was inside

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