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Packing Class 9 MCQ

1. The Chapter “The Packing” is an extract from

(a)Malgudi Days

(b)Wings of Fire


(d)Three Men in a Boat

2. Who proposed to pack in the first place?





3. Who took pride in his packing?





4. George and Harris accepted Jerome’s suggestions with great readiness. This was quite ______


(b)Something uncanny



5. How did George respond to Jerome’s suggestion of packing?

(a)He cocked his legs under the table

(b)Went to lie down on the bed

(c)Spread himself over an easy chair

(d)Went out for a walk

6. What was Jerome’s actual intention during packing

(a)He wanted to do it all by himself

(b)He wanted to make the best bag pack

(c)He wanted his clothes to be safe

(d)He wanted to boss the whole process

7. George and Harris’s reactions to the author’s suggestion of packing made him





8. What was the image of the man as portrayed by the author whom once he had lived with?





9. The author described his nature to be





10. After packing the bag in the first place, the author

(a)Bragged about it

(b)Sat on it and strapped it

(c)Went to meet his friends

(d)Gave food to his dog

11.“Ain’t you going to put the boots in?” Who said this?

(a)The lazy man




12. Who laughed an irritating senseless laugh after the author had finished packing?





13. What made the author so wild after he had shut and strapped the bag?

(a)Harris’s question of packing

(b)George’s laugh

(c)The old man’s laziness

(d)Power cut

14. What was the horrible idea that occurred to the author’s mind right after packing the boots?

(a)If he had packed the passport inside

(b)If he had taken his swimsuit

(c)If he had packed his toothbrush

(d)If he had booked the flight

15. What is the thing that haunts the author whenever he is traveling?





16. The author would get up from his deep sleep with cold perspiration and hunt for his





17. At the last moment, before any trip, the author would wrap the toothbrush in

(a)Side bag


(c)Pocket handkerchief


18. While searching for his own toothbrush, the author found the toothbrush of George and Harrish

(a)Over 18 times

(b)Over 20 times

(c)Over 8 times

(d)Over 12 times

19. Finally, where did the author find his toothbrush?

(a)Under the bed

(b)Inside the closet

(c)On the table

(d)Inside a boot

20. What did George ask the author immediately after he had already repacked once?

(a)Whether the soap was inside

(b)Whether he packed winter clothes

(c)If the tickets were ready

(d)If the boots were packed

21. After the author slammed the bag shut and strapped for the second time, he realized

(a)He had again forgotten his toothbrush

(b)He had forgotten to take out the soap

(c)He had packed the newspaper

(d)He had packed his spectacles inside

22. What was the time when the author finally shut the bag?

(a)10:00 pm

(b)10:05 pm

(c)10:05 am

(d)10:30 pm

23. What were the remaining items to be packed after 10:05 pm?


(b)Water bottles


(d)All of the above

24. Who said that they should start in less than 12 hours from that night of packing?




(d)Both (a) and (b)

25.Who agreed to do the rest of the packing?




(d)Both (a) and (c)

26. How did George and Harris begin their process of packing?

(a)In a sad mood

(b)In a tired mood

(c)In a light-hearted spirit

(d)In a responsible manner

27. According to the author, who is the worst packer in the world?





28. Looking at the piles of plates, cups, kettles, bottles and other things, the author thought that the packing process is going to become





29. How did George and Harris start the packing process?

(a)By breaking the glasses

(b)By breaking a plate

(c)By breaking a cup

(d)By pouring water in the floor

30. Who packed the strawberry jab on top of a tomato and squashed it?




(d)Both (a) and (b)

31. After squashing the tomato, how did they pick it out?

(a)With a tablespoon

(b)With a teaspoon

(c)With a knife

(d)With a clamp

32. Who trod over the butter while packing?





33. The author sat on the edge of the _______ and watched them packing





34. The author’s pose of sitting on the edge of the table made George and Harris




(d)All of the above

35. What did George and Harris smash by putting heavy things on it?





36. What did George and Harris pour on everything while packing?





37. What food material created the maximum mess while packing?





38. Who sat on the butter put on the chair?





39. Who had actually put down the butter on the chair?





40. What was the most extraordinary thing that George had ever heard of?

(a)The disappearance of Harris

(b)The disappearance of tomatoes

(c)The disappearance of pies

(d)The disappearance of butter

41. Where did they finally pack the butter?

(a)Inside a box

(b)In the teapot

(c)In the kettle

(d)In the plastic bag

42. Who is Montmorency?

(a)A cat

(b)A rat

(c)A dog

(d)A guinea pig

43. What is Montmorency’s highest aim in life?

(a)To get somebody to stumble over him

(b)To get love from everywhere

(c)To get cursed steadily for an hour

(d)Both (a) and (c)

44. When Montmorency could get his highest aim accomplished, his

(a)Mood would get happiest

(b)His conceit becomes unbearable

(c)His anger becomes out of tolerance

(d)He becomes tired and sleepy

45. What did Montmorency do while the packing process was on?

(a)He came and sit on the things that were to be packed

(b)He cried out loud

(c)He barked continuously

(d)He was slipping on the butter again and again

46. Who put his leg into the jam?





47. Who blamed the author for encouraging the dog?



(c)Both (a) and (b)


48. What was the time when they were finally done with the packing?





49. When did everyone agree to wake up?





50. Why did the author want to wake up at 6?

(a)He wanted to write some letters

(b)He wanted to pack again

(c)He wanted to buy a handkerchief

(d)He wanted to find his toothbrush


1.(d)Three Men in a Boat

2. (c)Jerome

3. (a)Jerome

4. (b)Something uncanny

5. (c)Spread himself over an easy chair

6. (d)He wanted to boss the whole process

7. (c)Irritated

8. (a)Lazy

9. (c)Energetic

10. (b)Sat on it and strapped it


12. (c)George

13. (b)George’s laugh

14. (c)If he had packed his toothbrush

15. (d)Toothbrush

16. (c)Toothbrush

17. (c)Pocket handkerchief

18. (a)Over 18 times

19. (d)Inside a boot

20. (a)Whether the soap was inside

21.(d)He had packed his spectacles inside

22. (b)10:05 pm

23. (c)Hampers

24. (b)Harris

25. (d)Both (a) and (c)

26. (c)In a light-hearted spirit

27. (a)Harris

28. (c)Exciting

29. (c)By breaking a cup

30. (b)Harris

31.(b)With a teaspoon

32. (a)George

33. (c)Table

34. (d)All of the above

35. (a)Pies

36. (b)Salt

37. (c)Butter

38. (d)Harris

39. (a)George

40. (d)The disappearance of butter

41.(b)In the teapot

42. (c)A dog

43. (d)Both (a) and (c)

44. (b)His conceit becomes unbearable

45. (a)He came and sit on the things that were to be packed

46. (b)Montmorency

47. (b)Harris

48. (a)12:50

49. (b)6:30

50. (a)He wanted to write some letters

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