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Packing Class 9 Character Sketch

Character Sketch of Jerome in Packing Class 9

Jerome’s point of view creates the story, and the whole gamut of events are described. He is overconfident and rates his packing skills a bit too high. Jerome is also arrogant and expects his friends to carry out most of the packing while he sits back and passes orders. Jerome’s friends don’t take him seriously, but he still has to struggle and devote effort to pack a bag. He is both clumsy and forgetful, such as when he forgets his shoes and must be reminded about what items were in the suitcase for the second time. When his friends are getting ready for a night out, he sits at the edge of the table and watches them because it is his turn to have fun at their expense. He’s an ordinary guy who ignores the shortcomings of his friends just as easily as he does his own.

 Character Sketch of George And Harris in Packing

George and Harris are the friends of the narrator, Jerome. Both are always as inept as Jerome is, tackling their tasks incorrectly and make mistakes even just while doing regular things. They refuse to acknowledge their limitations and continuously overestimate their abilities to handle anything – like packing this hamper. Their actions, which appear foolish and daring, amuse readers, including when they accidentally leave the butter out of the kitchen. When packing for their trip, you might find them blaming each other’s mistakes and not noticing.

Character Sketch of Montmorency in Packing

Montmorency is the dog of the three friends – Jerome, George and Harris. His instinct to explore and be with them leads to troubles. Montmorency loves to join in on all the fun things going on around the house. He also get excited when his owners are packing things up. He does not mind being shouted at and he does not even respond when they try to move him away. He is a high energy pet, but if you don’t give him enough food or he gets in trouble for making destruction, he is loved by the readers as much as his masters. His presence in the story makes it more interesting and amusing’.

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