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By | July 27, 2023

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On Killing A Tree Summary Class 9

By- Gieve Patel

The poet in this passage says that trees are tough and difficult to cut down, meaning that cutting down a tree can take quite some time. It takes a lot of effort with a knife, but it takes even more effort with an ax or chainsaw. When we try to chop down a tree, it doesn’t feel much pain. After the tree has taken immense pain, small twigs grow on the tree, and they soon become very big and strong. The poet argues that the real strength of a tree lies in its roots. If we want to kill a tree forever, we will have to completely remove its roots. We should not bury them, but leave them in open ground, exposed to sun and drenched by water. Thus after a long process of changing shapes and colors, we can say that a tree is killed

On Killing A Tree Summary Class 9 (2) :

In “On Killing a Tree”, the poet compares the act of cutting down trees to committing an act of murder. Instances where trees are killed by humans cause intense emotional pain and serve as a point of contrast with the kind of pain experienced by the tree. The poem opens with the statement that killing a tree takes a lot of time. It isn’t done by stabbing or cutting down from a distance, because it grows up to be very strong over time and draws nourishment from all types of sources–the earth, the sun, air and water.
The bark of the tree looks dull and discoloured, but new leaves continue to emerge from it. A tree cannot be destroyed quickly after few cuts and blows. The pain of hacking and chopping the tree will not kill it permanently. Its injured and mutilated bark will heal up after some time and green twigs will start to grow from its hacked base. If these small boughs are not cut, they will soon get big again like the original size of the tree. According to the poet, there’s a real process that can kill a tree like cruelty or ruthless treatment. The root of the tree is to be pulled out from beneath it which is holding it securely in place. The tree’s root can be pulled and snapped, but it continues to grow back. The force that is needed to pull the root could be damaging, so it must be done with care. With its deep underground roots, the tree is sensitive to temperature changes in order to stay alive. Eventually the tree dies when there is no more life coming out of it’s roots when exposed directly to sunlight and air.

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