No Men Are Foreign- Word Meaning & Vocabulary


ByJames Kirkup

Important Word-Meanings of difficult words from the lesson- No Men Are Foreign

Word-Meanings : Foreign = of other country/the other country, दूसरे देश का या दूसरा देश ; beneath =under, नीचे ; uniform = (here) skin, चमड़ी I Aware = conscious, जागरूक ; fed = given food to eat, भोजन करना ; harvest = reaping corn,फसल एकत्र करना ; starved = die with hunger, भूख से मरना l Strength = power:बल या शक्ति ; land =country, देश ; recognise = know,पहचानना l  Dispossessto put out of possession, अधिकार मुक्त कर देना ; betray = cheat,धोखा देना ;  condemn = criticise, निंदा करना  I Defile = make dirty/pollute, प्रदूषित करते है ं; outrage = excessive violence, अत्यधिक अत्याचार; innocence = homelessness, पवित्रता I


Strange—Unusual; Foreign—belonging to a country that is not your own; Beneath—under; Feed—give food; Peaceful—calm; Harvest—the act of collecting grains, foods, etc.; Starv’d—to suffer due to lack of food; Labour—work; Wake—arise; Strength—power; Common—usual; Recognise- know; Understand— know; Whenever —every time; Hate—dislike; Dispossess—to take somebody’s property, land. etc.; Betray— to deceive; Condemn— criticise, Arms— weapons; Defile— spoil; Hell— the place believed to be the some of the devils and where bad people go after death. Outrage— great anger; Innocence—purity.

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