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No Men Are Foreign Summary

“No Men Are Foreign” is a poem giving a message of unity among all people and nations of the world. The poet says that in this world, no one is strange and no country is foreign. As human beings, we have a common soul. Our skin may differ by race but our soul is the same. We belong to different countries and speak different languages but we all enjoy the beauty of nature. It’s important to remember that our eyes, which wake and sleep, are all the same across the world. We should be cognizant of the fact that when we hate someone it means that we also hate ourselves. The poet argues that people are harming this earth by their deeds, and we should take care of the atmosphere we live in and remember how these are all God’s creation.

No Men Are Foreign Summary (2) :

James Kirkup wrote a thought-provoking poem entitled “No Men are Foreign.” He states that there is no difference between people and the countries they live in, which means that wars are futile, because of different ideologies and the bloodshed that takes place. Despite the diversity of clothing worn by people, the human body is still common. The Earth that all people walk on is relatively balanced in natural resources. All living creatures (including humans) need water and air to survive. Wealth and poverty cycles are observed among people in every part of the world, although all share similar struggles in times of war. Perhaps human life is the same in every part of the world, perhaps they are built similarly to us and can be won over by love. When we take away property that doesn’t belong to us or turn our backs on those who have rejected our ways, we harm not only them, but ourselves as well. In the poem, War makes Earth unclean and spoils its atmosphere. It causes misery and destruction, and is therefore not to be done. The poem warns us of the importance to co-exist in peace and that we should not fight with one another.

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