No Men Are Foreign-Important Extra Questions- Very Short Answer Type

By | August 13, 2020

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ByJames Kirkup

Very Short Answer Type Questions

1. What should we remember about men?

Ans. We should remember that no men are strange.

2. What should we remember about countries?

Ans. We should remember that no countries are foreign.

3. Where do we all walk upon?

Ans. We all walk on the same earth.

4. Where shall we all lie in the end

Ans. In the end, we all shall lie in the earth.

5. What are all men fed by?

Ans. All men are fed by peaceful harvests.

6. What do you mean by peaceful harvest?

 Ans. By peaceful harvests, we mean the crops grown during the period of peace.

7. What do you mean ‘wars’ long winter?

Ans. It means the painful days of the war when we are kept indoors.

8. What are we doing to the human earth?

Ans. We are polluting the human earth.

9. Why should we not hate others?

Ans. We should not hate others because they all are our brothers.

10. What do you mean by ‘hells of fire and dust’?

 Ans. ‘Hells of fire and dust’ means the wars that cause a lot of destruction.

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