Memories of Childhood- Main Characters of the Story

By | July 16, 2023
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Memories of Childhood

                                                                                 By- Zitkala-Sa and Bama

Main Characters of the Story


Zitkala-Sa: Zitkala-Sa was a native American who was sent to the Carlisle Indian school at a young age. She faced indignity, discrimination and exploitation at school. She was forced to get her hair shingled against which she protested to the best of her capacity but finally had to surrender. She was treated like a wooden toy. She is symbolic of all the Native American women who were exploited at the hands of their masters. They used to enslave them, plundered them and destroyed their culture. She suffered extreme indignities and felt humiliated like a coward. Her long thick braids were cut off which let her spirit down. She was treated like an animal. But despite all this barbarism, Zitkala-Sa showed her resistance. She didn’t give up meekly and struggled and protested till the end, though she didn’t succeed.

Bama: Bama is a small innocent school girl from a Dalit community in south India. She is unaware of the incrimination on the basis of caste. She is surprised to see distinction based on class and caste. When she is said by her brother, about reality, she is angry. She protests against this. She is astonished to realize the fact that the rich and upper caste people have lost all humanity. But we too are human beings. She has a revolting Ire and wants to protest against this evil. When she is told by her brother that it is only education which on brings the change, she determines to choose a constructive path and studies hard and tops in the class. In this way, she wins everyone’s respect and becomes a role model for all the Dalit women.

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