Letter To Editor on Stray Animals in English

By | September 16, 2023
Letter to Editor on Stray Animals in English

Letter to Editor on Stray Animals in English In this series of letters to the editor, we address the pressing issue of stray animals in urban settings. Through each letter to editor, we shed light on the growing concern regarding their presence and emphasize their impact on urban life, underscoring the need for immediate action.

Letter to Editor on Stray Animals in English

1. Letter to Editor: The Daily Struggle with Stray Animals on Busy Roads.

These animals have caused traffic jams as well as accidents. You have already written to the concerned authorities but no action has been taken so far. So write a letter to the editor of a leading newspaper telling him about the nuisance created by the stray animals. Sign your name as Preeti / Krishnan, C/5, Assam.

Ans:- C/5 Assam
17 March 200—.
The Editor
Assam Times
Sub:- Nuisance Created by the Stray Animals
In my letter to editor, I wish to emphasize the persistent issue of stray animals, especially on bustling roads like Patel Road, which poses daily challenges for commuters.Many a lee time, they cause traffic jams as well as accidents. Some of these animals are cows and buffaloes that have gone dry. Their owners let them loose on the road without caring for the inconvenience caused to the road users.
Besides, it gives a very ugly look to the whole area. The entire place remains littered with the excrement of these animals. All such stray animals should be impounded and sent to the Municipal pen. They should be returned only after their owners have paid a heavy penalty.
Such requests have been made time and again to the concerned authorities, but no action has been taken so far. Hopefully, this letter will meet the eyes of our worthy officials, and steps will be taken to end this problem of stray animals.
Yours truly

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2.Letter to Editor: Addressing the Menace of Stray Dogs in Urban Areas

AZ-1256, Mayur Vihar Phase I
02 March, 2019
To The Editor
The Times of India
New Delhi- 110022
Sub: Menace of Stray Dogs
In this letter to editor, I’m drawing attention to the increasing menace of stray animals, particularly stray dogs, urging both authorities and the public to address this concern.
The menace of stray dogs has assumed an alarming proportion in our cities and towns. It is generally very difficult for one to visit the house of a friend or relative.
We often hear children and old people in particular bitten by stray dogs. The superstitious people in our society throw chapattis to these dogs to earn blessings of God and these brutal creatures thus flourish and multiply on their charity. The municipal corporations and committees should take effective steps to control the population of these ferocious dogs.
Thank you.
Yours truly
(Situ Guglani)

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3.Letter to Editor: The Growing Concern of Stray Cows and Dogs in the City.

ABC Building.
March 1, 2020
The Editor,
The Times of India,
New Delhi
Subject: Stray Animal Menace
Through this letter to editor, I aim to spotlight the prevalent issue of stray animals, notably dogs and cows, in Delhi and the urgent need for remedial measures. The problem of stray animals has existed for many years but not much has been done by the MCD. Stray dogs bite people and spread dirt all around. There is a constant threat of rabies hanging over the heads of the citizen.
Stray cows block traffic and create a nuisance. Stringent measures need to be adopted by the MCD to curb this menace. Dogs need to be sterilized. Shelters should be built for cows and calves which can also function as dairy farms. People should refrain from giving food to stray dogs as it encourages the nuisance value and poses a danger for small children in the area.
Dogs could also be trained by Resident Welfare Associations and used as security dogs. I hope my letter finds some space in your paper.
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
Rajat Shah.

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4.Letter to Editor: The Need for Action Against Cattle Obstructing Roads

In case you try to drive them away their owners will come running from across the road and punish you with harsh words and even a punch or two. Write a letter to the Editor of Hindustan Times, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, advocating the need of law for the punishment of such owners. (100-120 words)

718, Mahavir Nagar
January 3, 2020
To The Editor,
Hindustan Times,
Kasturba Gandhi Marg,
New Delhi.
Subject: Cattle on roads.
Through your columns, I’d like to draw attention to the menace caused by cattle on the roads. With people building palatial houses for themselves, there is little or no space left for the animals. Even those who own or domesticate cattle are least bothered to provide them with a good shelter.
The result is that we find them loitering around in public places, thus hindering the traffic. If they are driven away or made to move by a honk, their owners come to us enraged and scold us with harsh words, sometimes they even hit us. Now, the question is who’ll take the responsibility of these creatures? Of course their owners!
They should provide them with good shelter and keep them safe from traffic, diseases or attacks from the public. If the owners do not take the moral responsibility to provide shelter, they should be punished. There is an urgent need for a law to take action against such irresponsible owners.

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