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By | February 25, 2023

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The Lake Isle of Innisfree Very Short Questions and Answers

By- W.B. Yeats

1. Where had the poet, W.B. Yeats, spent his childhood?

Ans. The poet had spent his childhood at Innisfree Island.

2. Where does W.B. Yeats wish to go?

Ans. He wishes to go to Innisfree Island.

3. What sort of a house will Yeats build at Innisfree?

Ans. He will build there a house of clay and wood.

4. What will Yeats do for the honeybee?

Ans. He will make a hive for them.

5. Which trees will the poet grow at Innisfree?

 Ans. He will grow bean trees at Innisfree.

6. Who else will live at Innisfree with the poet?

Ans. He will live there all alone.

7. What happens to the Innisfree Island at midnight?

Ans. The whole island glimmers at midnight.

8. What do the crickets do?

 Ans. They sing at midnight.

9. What preview does the noon of Innisfree Island present?

Ans. The noon of Innisfree Island presents a purple glow preview.

10. What does the poet hear at Innisfree?

Ans. He hears the pleasing noise of the bees in the orchard of Innisfree Island.

11. What does the poet see in the evening at Innisfree?

Ans. He sees that the sky of Innisfree Island is filled with small singing birds.

12. Who is the poet of the poem ‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree’?

Ans. W.B. Yeats.