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By | September 21, 2023
Iswaran the Storyteller Word Meaning with Hindi

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from Iswaran the Storyteller. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying Iswaran the Storyteller Word Meanings from Moments Class 9.”

Hard Words : Iswaran the Storyteller Page -12

Narrated = told, recounted (कहना), Supervisor = overseer, monitor (पर्यवेक्षक), Firm = company, business (कंपनी), Hire = rent out, lease (किराया पर देना), Construction sites = building areas, development zones (निर्माण स्थल), Activities = tasks, operations (गतिविधियां),

Coal mining area = place where coal is extracted, coal excavation site (कोयला खदान क्षेत्र), Railway bridge = bridge for trains, train overpass (रेलवे पुल), Chemical plant = facility for producing chemicals, chemical factory (रासायनिक संयंत्र)

Iswaran the Storyteller Difficult Words in English Page -13

Bachelor = unmarried man (अविवाहित), Needs = requirements, necessities (जरूरतें), Adjust = adapt, get accustomed to (समायोजित करना), Ill-equipped = not well-prepared, lacking necessary tools or supplies (अयोग्य), Makeshift = temporary, substitute (अस्थायी),

Canvas tent = a shelter made from a strong cloth (कैनवास टेंट), Quarry = place from which stones are extracted (खान), Asset = valuable item or quality (संपत्ति), Attached = devoted, connected emotionally (जुड़ा हुआ),

Uncomplainingly = without protest or grumbling (बिना शिकायत के), Weave out = to create or produce (तैयार करना), Anecdotes = short amusing stories, tales (अनुभव), Varied = diverse, different (विभिन्न), Desolate = barren, empty (उजड़), Conjure = produce as if by magic, bring to mind (जादू से प्रकट करना), Miraculously = in a surprising and unexpected way (चमत्कारिक रूप से),

Shelter = protection, refuge (आश्रय), Tidy up = organize, clean (सजाना), Leisurely = unhurried, relaxed (आराम से), Muttering = speaking quietly and unclearly, murmuring (मुंह में बड़बड़ाना), Dozing off = falling asleep, nodding off (नींद में चले जाना),

Thriller = a genre of fiction, producing excitement and suspense (रोमांचक), Flourishes = decorative embellishments, extra touches (शोभा), Narrating = telling, describing (कथन करना), Suspense = a state of uncertainty or excitement, anticipation (रोमांच),

Uprooted = pulled out from the ground (जड़ से उखाड़ दिया गया), Suitably = appropriately, fittingly (उचित रूप से), Gesture = motion, sign (इशारा), Deserted = abandoned, empty (सुना), Sprawled = spread out in an ungainly way (अस्त-व्यस्त रूप में फैलना), Inclined = having a tendency, feeling or preference for something (प्रवृत्त), Uncritically = without judgment or criticism, accepting (आलोचना किए बिना)

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Good Word Meaning of the Lesson Iswaran the Storyteller Page -14

Timber = wood prepared for building or carpentry (लकड़ी), Richly = abundantly, in a lavish manner (समृद्ध रूप में), Wooded = covered with trees (वृक्षों से ढका हुआ), Logs = long pieces of cut wood (लकड़ी की डालियां), Hauled = dragged, pulled (खींचा हुआ),

Lorries = trucks (ट्रक), Mahout = person who rides, tends, or drives an elephant (हाथी का मालीक या चालक), Prologue = introductory part of a story (प्रस्तावना), Tusker = an elephant with large tusks (विशाल दांतों वाला हाथी), Roam = wander, move about (घूमना),

Creepers = a plant that grows along the ground or up walls (बेल-बूटी), Emulation = imitation, copying (अनुकरण), Outskirts = edges of a town or city (उपनगर), Stalls = stands or booths for selling goods (दुकानें), Helter-skelter = in chaotic and disorderly haste (अव्यवस्थित रूप में),

Depredations = acts of attacking or plundering (लूट-पाट), Inhabitants = residents, people living in a particular place (निवासियों), Rooftop = the outer surface of a building’s roof (छत), Menacingly = in a threatening manner (धमकी भरे तरीके से),

Hypnotised = spellbound, captivated (सम्मोहित), Red-eyed = with eyes that appear red due to anger or tiredness (लाल आंखों वाला), Rush = to move or act quickly (तेजी से बढ़ना), Trunk = the long, main stem of an elephant’s nose (हाथी की सूंड़), Trumpeted = produce a loud call, like an elephant (हाथी की तरह ध्वनि करना), Whacked = hit hard (जोर से मारना),

Drama = an exciting or emotional event or series of events (नाटक), Mustered = gathered, summoned (जमा करना), Cane = a type of stick, often used for support or punishment (छड़ी), Terrace = a level raised platform, often outside a building (छज्जा), Brick wall = a wall made of bricks (ईंटों की दीवार)Goal-post = the post between which goals are scored in football (गोल पोस्ट)

English Difficult Words of the Lesson Iswaran the Storyteller Page -15

Toenail = Nail on a toe; Claw (पैर की ऊँगली का नाखून), Quick = Sensitive part under nail; Vital part (नाखून के अधीन भाग), Stunned = Shocked; Dumbfounded (अचेत), Shivered = Trembled; Shook (कांपना), Mumbling = Murmuring; Whispering (मुंह में बड़बड़ाना),

Rapt = Absorbed; Engrossed (समझोता), Pending = Unsettled; Unresolved (अनिर्णीत), Veterinary doctor = Animal doctor; Pet doctor (पशु चिकित्सक),

Shrug = Gesture of uncertainty; Gesture of indifference (कंधा उचकाना), Karate = Martial art; Fighting technique (कराटे), Ju-jitsu = Self-defense art; Combat method (जू-जित्सू), Paralyses = Immobilizes; Disables (सुन्न कर देना), Inimitable = Unique; Unmatchable (अद्वितीय), Auspicious = Favorable; Lucky (शुभ), Delicacies = Tasty dishes; Specialties (स्वादिष्ट खान-पान),

Culinary skills = Cooking abilities; Food-making (खाना बनाने की कला), Garish = Flashy; Gaudy (भड़कीला), Supernatural = Mystical; Magical (अलौकिक),

Burial ground = Cemetery; Graveyard (कब्रिस्तान), Reverie = Daydream; Fantasy (स्वप्न), Skull = Head bone; Cranium (खोपड़ी), Ancestors = Forefathers; Predecessors (पूर्वज), Stick = Rod; Cane (छड़ी)

Iswaran the Storyteller English to English Word Meaning Page -16

Ghosts = apparitions of the dead, spirits (भूत), Frightened = scared, afraid (डरा हुआ), Matted = tangled and knotted (उलझा हुआ), Shrivelled = wrinkled, withered (सुका हुआ), Foetus = unborn offspring in the womb, embryo (भ्रूण), Shivered = trembled, usually from cold or fear (कांपना),

Figment = invention or fabrication of the mind, imaginary thing (कल्पना), Digestive system = system in the body for breaking down food (पाचन प्रणाली), Sulk = be moody or sulky, be in bad mood (मुंह फुलाना), Unease = discomfort, feeling of anxiety (असहजता), Peered = looked closely or intently, scrutinize (ताक जाँघ करना)

Moments Chapter 3 Iswaran the Storyteller Word Meaning English Page -17

Vicinity = Area; Surroundings (आस-पास), Twinkling = Shimmering; Glistening (झिलमिलाना), Milk-white = Very white; Pale (दूध जैसा सफेद), Moan = Groan; Cry (कराहना), Prowling = Roaming; Lurking (घूमना), Guttural = Throaty; Harsh (गले की आवाज़), Lest = For fear that; To avoid (ताकि न हो), Wailing = Crying; Weeping (रोना), Feline = Cat-like (बिल्ली जैसा),

Windowsill = Ledge of window; Frame (खिड़की की चौखट), Ghastly = Terrifying; Horrifying (भयानक), Auto suggestion = Self-hypnosis; Mind’s trick (आत्म-सुझाव),

Subconscious = Below awareness; Inner mind (अवचेतन), Horror = Fear; Dread (भय), Foetus = Unborn baby; Embryo (भ्रूण), Chill = Cold feeling; Shiver (ठंडा महसूस होना), Haunted = Frequented by ghosts; Spooky (भूतिया), Resolve = Decide; Determine (निश्चय करना)

Iswaran the Storyteller Introduction

This is an interesting story about lswaran, a cook. I le served as a cook to Mahendra, a junior supervisor. lswaran was deVoted to his master. He was an expert cook. Another quality of lswaran was that he was a master storyteller. He narrated even the smallest incident of his story by weaving suspense around it.

One day, he told his master a story about a mad elephant. On another day, he told Mahendra that the ghost of a woman appeared around the house on the full moon night. One night, Mahendra woke up on hearing some sound. He kicked out of the window. He saw a dark cloudy figure. He began to sweat with fear. The next morning, he hurried to his office and handed in his papers for transfer from that place

(यह एक रसोइए ,ईश्वरन के बारे में एक रोचक कहानी  हैं । वह महेंद्र नामक एक कनिष्ठ निरीक्षक का रसोइया था । ईश्वरन अपने मालिक के प्रति समर्पित था । वह एक  कुशल रसोइया था । ईश्वरन का एक अन्य गुण यह था कि वह कहानी सुनाने में बड़ा निपुण था। वह अपनी कहानी की छोटी से छोटी घटना को भी रहस्यपूर्ण ढंग से सुनाता था । एक दिन उसने अपने मालिक को एक पागल हाथी की कहानी  सुनाई ।

एक अन्य दिन उसने महेंद्र को बताया कि पूर्णिमा की रात को घर के आसपास एक औरत का भूत नज़र आता है । एक रात महेंद्र  कुछ आवाज़ सुनकर जाग गया ।  उसने खिड़की से बाहर झाँका । उसे एक काली अस्पष्ट आकृति  दिखाई दी । उसे डर से पसीना आने लगा । अगली प्रातः वह शीघ्रता से अपने कार्यालय गया और वहाँ से तबादला करवाने के कागज दे आया ।)

Iswaran the Storyteller Introduction (2) :

Story telling is an art. It can be made interesting by adding an element of surprise and adventure. “Iswaran the Storyteller” is a story about a person who was a master storyteller. He was so good at his craft that the listener would end up believing the story to be true.