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By | August 15, 2023

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Iswaran the Storyteller Short Summary

                 By- R.K. Laxman

  • The story is narrated to Ganesh by a young man named Mahendra. He was a supervisor in a firm.
  • As he was a bachelor, he always had his cook Iswaran with him.
  • His job was to supervise the activities at the work site.
  • Iswaran used to read the popular Tamil thrilling stories.
  • His own description was greatly influenced by Tamil authors.
  • He had the power to weave endless stories and played a role of television in Mahendra’s life.
  • He narrated the tale of a Tusker, which destroyed everything on the way and how he made him collapse in the end, with a small cane.
  • Iswaran linked the auspicious full-moon night to the story of a female ghost.
  • Mahendra did not believe such baseless stories and rebuked him.
  • One night Mahendra heard some moan near his window.
  • He saw a cloudy form clutching a bundle.
  • As it affected Mahendra very much he could not sleep properly.
  • Next morning Iswaran greeted him and asked him about the last night’s experience.
  • Mahendra was determined to leave the haunted place the very next day.

Justify the Title of Iswaran the Storyteller

“Iswaran the Storyteller” is a perfectly suitable title for a story that deals with the character ‘Iswaran’ and his mastery of the art of storytelling. The whole story deals with the dramatic manner in which Iswaran made-up and recounted stories, which were admirable more for the style in which elements of suspense, horror, and adventure were added to them than for their contents. Hence, this title stands justified.

Justify the Title of Iswaran the Storyteller (2) :

Mahendra, the narrator, had a servant named ‘swarm’. Iswaran entertained Mahendra by Willing his many stories. Most of his stories were full of surprise and thrill. He narrated the smallest incident in detail. He was very imaginative. Mahendra always enjoyed his stories. So it is appropriate to name the lesson as ran the storyteller’.

Iswaran the Storyteller Message

The story gives the message that the unnatural world of ghosts and spirits is merely a figment of our imagination. If we allow our hidden fears to take concrete shape and start believing in ghosts and spirits, our life would get disturbed. Mahendra was good at his job as a supervisor but had to quit because he allowed his fears to overpower his rational self.

Iswaran the Storyteller Message (2) :

Most of us do not have a clear idea about supernatural things, like ghosts. Some people may believe in it while some may not. But we have a secret fear of ghosts which we may not admit. In this story, Iswaran tells Mahendra about the presence of ghosts. Though Mahendra initially refuses to accept ghosts, he himself seems to experience the presence of ghosts. This lesson gives the message that there might be certain things in this world that are beyond our understanding.