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By | July 15, 2023
Going Places Class 12 About the Author

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Going Places Class 12 About the Author

                                                     By- A.R. Barton

 A.R. Barton is a modern writer, who lives in Zurich and writes in English. His stories are based on problems concerning adolescents. In ‘Going Places’, Barton explores the subject of adolescent fantasising and hero worship. Theme The whole story is about unrealistic dreams that have little possibility of coming true. This is when disappointment makes its entrance into life. The story seems to hint that it is okay to dream, but dream with limits.

Going Places Class 12 Theme

Adolescent fantasizing-hero worship-adolescent on-verge of adulthood often live in world of fantasy-helps-realize what one cannot achieve in reality-easily take-hero worship hoping-make-big in life like-heroes-helps one to think wide-promote creativity-forget their mundane, ordinary lives for a while-escapism in moments of stress and turmoil-when harsh realities of life dawn-becomes frustrating and difficult to come to terms with life. Living in world of fantasy-cannot achieve set goals-at times-fail to differentiate between reality and fantasy-however natural for students-to have unrealistic dreams and to identify with.

Sophie protagonist in ‘Going Places’.

  1. belongs to the weak socio-economic background.
  2. doesn’t have a decent house.
  3. distaste – absurd situation – incongruity.
  4. escapes from her boring, working-class existence.
  5. Sophie – romantic nature.
  6. fond of hero worship and fantasizes meeting Irish player Danny Casey.
  7. so much obsessed with meaning-starts believing her imagination as real.
  8. nobody believes her-feels disappointed.
  9. In her adolescent mind “fantasy and real world merge to an extent – actually goes sits on a bench by canal waiting date to show up.”
  10. despondent and dejected – yet dreams on. Jansie her friend simple – a sharp contrast to Sophie’s romantic nature.
  11. practical-realistic-balanced-honest.
  12. wishes Sophie becomes sensible and practical.
  13. tries to pull her back to reality-earmarked to work in a biscuit factory.
  14. Cannot be trusted with secretes-gossips.


  1. Symbolizing freedom for Sophie – brother.
  2. apprentice mechanic.
  3. dresses up shabbily, carelessly-not conscious of his good looks.
  4. understands the harsh realities of life adult.
  5. independent-evasive-reserved-man of few works.
  6. Jansie jealous of his silence.
  7. keen desire to enter into the deep recesses of the mind.
  8. imagines he goes to places she has never been.
  9. meets exotic – interesting people.
  10. Sophie trusts – shares secrets with him. Geoff – big fan of Danny Casey.

 Danny Casey

 Young Irish football prodigy-brilliant player-celebrity-playing for the English club United. Sophie’s hero figure.

Parent’s Outlook and Level of Indulgence

Sophie’s Dad

  1. strong, very practical hardworking.
  2. signs of labour reflected face.
  3. humble living – years to make his family comfortable.
  4. feels helpless due to the paucity of resources.
  5. does not indulge in self-pity.
  6. realistic does not humour Sophie for her concocted stories.
  7. reminds her of their appalling living conditions.
  8. makes the best of his life — weekly pilgrimage to watch United.

Sophie’s Mother

  1. bent-burden of household chores.
  2. oblivious to comfort-needs.
  3. suffers harsh realities of life.
  4. sigh symbolic of suppressed desires.
  5. upset on hearing rows.

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