Gap Filling Exercise No-31,32&33 (Solved)

By | April 23, 2020
Gap Filling Exercise No-16,17&18 (Solved)

Gap filling exercises are good to practice. These exercises are asked as fill in the blanks with appropriate words. Fill in the blanks in English is a mind game. Following are the best English grammar exercises for class 6, 7 and 8 CBSE with answers. These gap filling exercises are with answers will give you a perfect practice. Follow these grammar exercises for class 6, 7 and 8 and be ready to secure good marks. Pay attention to these fill in the blanks with appropriate words with answers. We need to say get set and go for the fill in the blanks in English grammar with answers pdf.


Choose the correct verb form from those in brackets:

1.I________ something burning. (smell, am smelling, have been smelling)

2.Look! The sun________ over the hills. (rises, is rise, is rising)

3.She ________ unconscious since four o’clock. (is, was, has been)

4.He used to visit us every week, but he ________now. (rarely comes, is rarely coming, has rarely come)

5.We________ for his call since 4:20. (are waiting. have been waiting, were waiting)

6.Every day last week my aunt________ a plate. (breaks, broke, was breaking)

7.I know all about that film because I ________it twice. (saw, have seen, had seen)

8.Our guests ________ they are sitting in the garden. (arrived, have arrived. had arrived)

9.I________ him since we met a year ago. (didn’t see, haven’t seen, hadn’t seen)

10.We ________our breakfast half an hour ago. (finished, have finished, had finished)


1.smell                       2. is rising

3.has been                 4. rarely comes   

5.have been waiting  6. broke

7.have seen               8. have arrived    

9.haven’t seen           10. finished


Choose the correct verb form from those in brackets.

1.She jumped off the bus while it ________ (moved. had moved, was moving)

2.When we went to the cinema, the film ________ (already started. had already started, would already start)

3.I ________ walking for half an hour when it suddenly started to rain. (had been, has been, have been)

4.Did you think you ________ me somewhere before? (have seen. had seen, were seeing)

5.The town ________ its appearance completely since 1980. (is changing, changed, has changed)

6.Sheena ________ her case, look. (packed, has packed, had packed)

7.When I was in Sri Lanka, I ________ Nogombo, Beruwela and Nilaveli. (visited, was visited, have visited)

8.I meant to repair the radio, but ________ time to do it today (am not having, haven’t had, hadn’t)

9.When I ________ my dinner I went to bed. (had, have had, had had)

10.Men ________to abolish wars up to now, but may be they will find a way in the future. {never ,managed, have never managed, will have never managed)


1.was moving           2. had already started

3.had been               4. had seen

5.has changed          6. has packed                             
7. visited                   8. haven’t had

9.had had                 10. have never managed. 


Choose the correct verb form from those in brackets.

1.The plane ________ at 3:30. {arrives, will arrive)

2.I will phone you when he ________back. (comes, will come)

3.When I get home, my dog ________at the gate waiting for me. (sits, will be sitting)

4.I ________the Joshis this evening. (visit, am visiting)

5.Look at those black clouds. It________ . (will rain, is going to rain)

6.The train ________ before we reach the station. (arrives, will have arrived)

7.Perhaps we________ Mahabaleshwar next month. (visit, will visit)

8.Unless we ________ now we can’t be on time. (start, will start)

9.I________ into the town later on. Do you want a lift? (drive, will be driving)

10.The next term ________ on 16th November. (begins, is beginning) .


1.arrives              2. comes

3.will be sitting   4. am visiting going to rain 6. will have arrived

7.will visit             8. start                         

9.will be driving  10. begins

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