Gap Filling Exercise No-28,29&30 (Solved)

By | April 23, 2020
Gap Filling Exercise No-13,14&15 (Solved)

Gap filling exercises are good to practice. These exercises are asked as fill in the blanks with appropriate words. Fill in the blanks in English is a mind game. Following are the best English grammar exercises for class 6, 7 and 8 CBSE with answers. These gap filling exercises are with answers will give you a perfect practice. Follow these grammar exercises for class 6, 7 and 8 and be ready to secure good marks. Pay attention to these fill in the blanks with appropriate words with answers. We need to say get set and go for the fill in the blanks in English grammar with answers pdf.


Choose the correct verb form from those in brackets.

1.The earth________ round the sun. (move, moves, moved)

2.My friends ________ the Prime Minister yesterday. (see, have seen, saw)

3.I ________him only one letter up to now. (sent, have sent, send)

4.She________ worried about something. (looks, looking, is looking)

5.It started to rain while we ________tennis. (are playing, were playing, had played)

6.He________ fast when the accident happened. (is driving. was driving, drove)

7.He ________ asleep while he was driving. (falls, fell, has fallen)

8.I’m sure I ________ her at the party last night. (saw, have seen, had seen)

9.He ________a mill in this town. (have, has, is having)

10.He ________ here for the last five years. (worked, is working, has been working)


1.moves            2.saw                          

3.have sent       4. Looks

5.were playing 6. was driving             

7.fell                8. Saw

9.has                10. has been working


Choose the correct verb form from those in brackets.

1.He thanked me for what I_____ . (have done, had done, have been doing)

2.I ________a strange noise. (hear, am hearing, have been hearing)

3.I ________him for a long time. (know, have known, am knowing)

4.I ________English for five years. (study, am studying, have been studying)

5.Don’t disturb me. I ________ my homework. (do, did, am doing)

6.Abdul________ to be a doctor. (wants, wanting, is wanting)

7.The soup ________ good. (taste, tastes, is tasting)

8.He________ TV most evenings. (watches, is watch, is watching)

9.He________ cut five minutes ago. (has gone, had gone, went)

10.When he lived in Hyderabad he________ to the cinema once a week. (goes, went, was going)


1.had done         2. hear

3.have known    4. have been studying doing        6. wants

7.tastes             8. watches

9.went             10. went


Choose the correct verb form from those in brackets.

1.The baby ________all morning. (cries, has been crying. has cried)

2.I ________Rahim at the zoo. (saw, have seen, had seen)

3.I ________Kumar this week. (haven’t seen, am not seeing not saw)

4.This paper ________ twice weekly. (is appearing, appearing, appears)

5.Ashok fell off the ladder when he ________the roof. (is mending, was mending, mended)

6.The Headmaster ________ to speak to you. (wants, is wanting, was wanting)

7.I ________ a new bicycle last week, (bought. have bought, had bought)

8.Here are your shoes; I________ them. (just clean, just cleaned, have just cleaned)

9.It ________ since early morning. (rained, is raining, has been raining)

10.I________ a lot of work today, (did, have done, had done)


1.has been crying           2. saw                      

3.haven’t seen               4. Appears

5.was mending              6. wants                      

7.bought                       8. have just cleaned

9.has been raining        10. have done/did

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