From the Diary of Anne Frank- Important Extra Questions- Very Short Answer Type

     From the Diary of Anne Frank

 By Anne Frank

Extra Very Short Answer Type Important Questions

Q.1. What prompted Anne to maintain a diary?

Ans. Anne maintained a diary because he had no friend.

Q.2. Who became Anne’s friend and what was the friend’s name?

Ans. Anne’s diary became her friend and her name was Kitty.

Q3. For whom was Anne’s “a birthday present” and why?

Ans. She was a birthday present for her sister because she went to Holland later.

Q.4. When did she make her first entry in her diary?

Ans. She made her first entry in her diary on 20th June 1942.

Q5. Which subject did Anne find difficult?

Ans. Anne found Mathematics difficult.

Q.6. Why was Mr Keesing annoyed with Anne?

Ans. He was annoyed with Anne because she talked in the class.

 Q.7. What was a strange experience for Anne?

Ans. Writing in a diary was a strange experience for Anne.

Q.8. How old was Anne?

Ans. She was thirteen years old.

Q.9. According to Anne What has more patience than people?

Ans. According to Anne paper has more patience than people.

Q.I0. What was the name of Anne’s sister?

Ans. Her name was Margot.

Q.11. What was the name of Anne’s maths teacher?

Ans. His name was Mr Keesing.

Q.12. What was the topic of the first essay? Mr Keesing asked Anne to write?

Ans.A Chatterbox.’

Q.I3. What was the name of the essay on which Anne had to write the second time?

Ans.An Incorrigible Chatterbox.’

Q.14. Who helped Anne to write the essay in poetry?

Ans. Anne’s friend Sanne.

Q.I5. What was the title of the third essay?

Ans. ‘Quack. Quack. Quack. said Mistress Chatterbox.’

Q.I6. What was the name of Anne’s mother?

Ans. Her mother name was Edith Hollander Frank.

 Q.17. Who was Mrs Kuperus?

Ans. She was as the headmistress of Anne’s school in both standards.

Q.I8. Where did Anne’s family migrate from Germany too?

Ans. Her family migrated Rom Germany to Holland.

Q.19. Who was Kitty?

Ans. It was the name wen to her diary by Anne,   

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