Father to Son Class 11 Questions and Answers

By | September 9, 2023

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Father to Son Class 11 Questions and Answers

Father To Son Short Question Answer

1. What is the father’s complaint against his son?
Ans. The father complains that he is losing touch with his own son. Their relationship is under strain. They live like strangers in the same house. The son wants to live life on his own terms and free himself from parental domination.

2. What does the father long for?
Ans. The father is much tenser and upset than his son. He fails to see where he made a mistake. He wants to make peace with his son and keep him in the same house. He is willing to forget and forgive the boy. He is only waiting for an excuse.

3. Can you suggest a solution to the widening gap between father and son? Elucidate.
Ans. The tussle between parents and youth is very old and universal. The parents see the young ones as their property and try to impose their will on them. The son revolts; the solution is a little understanding between them. The father must try to understand and respect the demands of the son. The language of love and a little understanding can bridge the gap and avert the clash.

4. Who do you sympathise or side with—the father or the son?
Ans. Being a youngster, I also often revolt against the authoritarian attitude of elders. They have an ego problem. They demand total obedience from young ones. I know that the relationship between father and son is strong yet delicate. I would humbly advise grown-ups to be a bit more flexible and liberal in their attitude. There is no question of siding with anybody. A middle path must be taken to re-establish cordial relations.

Father To Son Long Questions

1. The lesson reflects the realities of modern times. The aged persons face problems and there is no end to it. How do you feel about it?
Ans. The breaking-up of the joint family system and the change in our value system have created serious problems for the aged persons. They are denied physical, moral, financial and emotional support because their children are involved in their own affairs. A feeling that they are unwanted persons has gripped the aged. The attitude towards the aged is marked by hatred, disregard, apathy and insults. This drowns them in the fathomless chasm of depression. Above all, those elderly persons who have no source of income are the worst sufferers. Growing materialism is the main culprit. Blood is no longer thicker than water. An elderly person who stands between the heirs and his wealth becomes a thorn in their flesh. Many start torturing the aged to death.
The aged persons require nothing but love, affection and respect. So the children must change their attitude. They must not neglect the very source of their existence.

Father to Son- Introduction

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