12. Article Writing on: My Family

By | June 5, 2023
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Family is the first school in a person’s life, your family values and traditions are your first and valuable asset. I have a very close-knitted family, I love all my family members as and how they are. Both my parents are working. My grandparents also stay with us. My grandfather is a retired army officer, drawing a small pension. He is a strict disciplinarian. Everyone has to get ready for a morning walk by 6 a.m. He pulls us up very often and my parents have no choice before him. If you visit my house, you have to be properly dressed. You cannot sit in our drawing room with legs crossed. It is against etiquette. My grandmother is very soft-spoken and gentle. She prepares breakfast and helps us to get ready. Although past sixty, she is very active and hardworking. She takes adequate care of our home and helps in keeping it neat, clean and shining.

My father works as an accountant in a private firm. He sleeps with a calculator in his pocket. He maintains an account book for the whole family. He can never go to sleep unless he prepares a balance sheet. When we are busy watching TV programmes, he can be seen taking everyone to task for not giving a proper account of daily expenses. When my grandmother brings costly fruit, it is balanced by simple meals the next day.

My mother is the finest lady in the world. She does not interfere in anything. She works as a receptionist in a private firm. She has to get up very early in the morning. She is always smiling. When she returns home, the smile returns to everyone’s face. My elder brother is a student of the senior secondary class. He is a very serious student and does not take part in games or other extra-curricular activities which is bad because sports is equally important. His mind is always engrossed in physics, chemistry and mathematics.

 I am the youngest in the family. Although I am a student of Class X, the whole family treats me as a little child. No one calls me by my proper name. I am ‘baba’ for all of them. In fact, it gets quite embarrassing, when my parents call me ‘baba’ in the presence of my friends. My friends have also started calling me by this nick-name. There is no solution to this problem because I cannot swap my status with anyone in the family.

Ours is a very happy family and I wish that it remains so forever.

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