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By | September 22, 2023
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In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from Discovering Tut: The Saga. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying Discovering Tut: The Saga Word Meanings from Hornbill Class 11.”

Hard Words : Discovering Tut: The Saga Pages 22-23

Sagalong story of events or adventures,लम्बी कहान ी; heirsuccessor, उत्तराधिकारी; was laid to restdied; eventuallyfinally,अंततः;speculatedguessed. अनुमान लगाय ा; clueslink, information, सूचना; preciseexact, accurate, सह ी; dataaccount; forensicuse of scientific methods in crime investigation, अपराध की जाँच –पड़ताल में वैज्ञानिक परीक्षण;

pharaohthe title of the ancient egyptian kings; stirredupcaused to rise, blew, चली; ancientof very old times; cemeterygraveyard, burialground, कब्रिस्तान ;

dark-belliedbulging, फूले हुए ; scuddedacrossmoved fast and smoothly,वेग से चलना;veilingcovering, hiding, आवरण डाल रहे ; casketgreyash or lead coloured coffin, धूसर शवपेटिका ; mummyembalmed human body for burial, रक्षित शव; glidedmoved, was pushed, अन्दर गया ; probeexamine closely, जाँच के लिए ; lingeringslow in motion;

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descendedarrived, climbed down into, आ गए थे; crampedsmall in size, सिकुड़ा हुआ; muralswall paintings,भित्तिचित्र; peeredlooked intently,ध्यानपूर्वक देखा ; lidcover, ढक्कन; ponderingthinking deeplyविचार करते हुए ; shivertremble; cursebad luck, अभिशाप;

antiquitiesremains of ancient times; archaeologistपुरातत्ववेत्ता ; futileunsuccessful, असफल ; contentstreasure; hastilyswiftly: ransackedlooted; antiquitylong past years; legenda myth, story; stunningsurprising, amazing, विस्मित कर देने वाले ; artefactsthings made by human hand, मानव कृतियाँ; eternaleverlasting,अमर; resurrectionrecovered from grave,पुनरुत्थान;

sensationexcitement. हलचल; afterlifenext life, life after death; bronzemixture of brass and copper; linencotton; undergarmentsunder dress, अधोवस्त्र; casesboxes, पेटियाँ; funeraryrelating to burial,कब्र से प्राप्त; coffinthe chest in which a dead body is placed for burial. 

Shroudsheet to wrap a dead body, कफन; adorneddecorated; celerya kind of plant; petalsleaves,पत्ते; fadednot very sure or clear ;evidenceproof; ritualceremonial, विधिसंगत; resinsa kind of gum, राल; cementinguniting,पक्का चिपका दिया ; legitimatelawful, genuine, न्यायोचित; hammera tool for driving nails, हथौड़ा ; loosento soften the glue, ढीला करना l

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Discovering Tut: The Saga Difficult Words in English Page-25

Blazingscorching, तपतीहुई; budgedmoved; detachmentaloofness, objectivity, तटस्थता; consolidatedsolidified, ठोस; chiselled awaycut with a tool,छेनी से छीलना पड़ा ; beneathunder,trunkthe main part of the body, शरीर का धड़ ; circumventedcheated, befooled, धोखा दे देते ; ripped it apartseparated, torn, अलग कर देते; fabulouslyexcessively, अत्याधिक; lavishedgifted, restored greatly, युक्त किया गया ;

glitteringshining, चमकदार; preciousvaluable, बहुमूल्य; inlaidfine material inserted, नगीने जड़े; braceletsan ornament band for the wrist, कंगन ; amuletsmagic chains, रक्षा यंत्र; sheathsa covering, आवरण; iconicpertaining to an image; maska covering to conceal the faceमुखौटा; adornmentsornaments,श्रृंगार वस्तुएँ ; severedcut off;

reassembledjoined again. पुनः जोड़ दिया ; paddingfill out, भराव ; concealedhid,छिपा दिया  ; damageharm done, क्षति ; archaeologythe science of ancient ruins; substantiallygreatly; interveninglying between, बीच में; decadesten years, दशक ; focussinggiving attention to;

fascinatinginteresting; intriguingsecret mysterious, रहस्यमय; sophisticatedadvanced: anatomythe science of body- structure, शरीर –रचना शास्त्र ; startlingshock giving,चौंका देने वाली  ;cakescovers; diagnosticascertain disease by symptoms;

imagingtaking the pictures of the inside of body: slicespieces. टुकड़े ; virtualalmost real; revealshow; lingeringremaining unsolved; demisedeath, अंत , मृत्यु; royal standardscriterion, शाही तौर –तरीके या स्तर ; death rattledeath knell, मौत की घंटी ;

dynastysuccession of kings of the same family, राज कुल ; particularsdetails,सही विवरण ; aftermathwhat followed thereafter. बाद की घटनाए ँ; four decadesforty years; succeededcame to the throne, सिंहासन रूढ़ हुआ; initiatedbegan, प्रारम्भ किया I

Discovering Tut Good Word Meaning Page 26

Promotedencouraged, बढ़ावा दिया; shockedcaused disgust, आघात पहुँचाया; smashingbreaking down, तोड़ दिया ; imagesstatues, मूर्तियाँ; horrificcausing fear, horrifying, डरावना; sitelocation, स्थान ; wackycrazy.सनकी ; exiteddeparted, बाहर निकल गया ; tracesign, चिह्न;

living image of Amunlife- like idol.सूर्य देवता की जीवंत मूर्ति ;restorationreestablishment, पुनरुद्धार ; reignedruled; regardlessin spite of. ignoring; speculationguess, supposition, अनुमान; inventorypreparing a detailed list. सूची; phasestep;

scanningexamining scientifically, वैज्ञानिक परीक्षण; portablelight enough to be carried, हल्की; imagespictures, photos,छायाचित्र; slicesbits, pieces. टुकड़ े; intricatecomplex, जटिल; structuresforms. ढाँच े; detaildetail exciting fear, डरावनी; anatomyscience of the structure of the human body; probeinvestigate, examine; gildedcoated with gold, सोने का पानी चढ़ा हुआ;

pallbearersthose who carry a dead body. शव उठाने वाल ा; rampthe slope.ढलान; flight of stairsa series of steps, सीढ़ियाँ; swirlingmoving in a circular motion. अधिक चक्कर खाती; hydraulicmoving with the pressure of water. जलशक्ति से चलने वाल ा; trailera vehicle drawn by another; heldcontained; emergedcame out; sprintedran fast, तेज दौड़ े; quitleft, went out: nervouslyin fear, घबराहट के साथ I

Discovering Tut English Difficult Words Page 27

Eventuallyfinally, अंततः; substitutealternative, another, प्रतिस्थापित; procedurework; datadetails; funeraryrelating to the funeral or burial; astonishingamazing, विस्मयकारी; Imagespictures,प्रतिमा  ; scatteringspread out, small-sized, बिखरे हुए ;

pixelssmall areas of light which make up an image on a screen; tiltedbent.झुकाया  ; revealedshowed; transactiona part, भाग ;visiblyclearly;relievedat ease; descendingclimbing down, नीचे उतरते ; departedlong last or dead kings. Of Egypt; constellationa number of stars grouped together, तारामंडलI

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