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By | September 20, 2023
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In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from Coorg. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying Coorg Word Meanings from First Flight Class 10.”

Hard Words : Coorg Page- 90

Midway = Halfway, in the middle (बीच में), Mangalore = Coastal town in Karnataka (कर्नाटक का तटीय नगर), Heaven = Paradise, place of beauty (स्वर्ग), Rolling hills = Gently sloping hills (उतार-चढ़ाव वाले पहाड़), Martial = War-like, related to war (सैन्य संबंधित),

Inhabited = Occupied, lived in (बसा हुआ), Evergreen = Always green, perennially green (सदा हरा), Rainforests = Dense forests with high rainfall (वर्षावन), Monsoons = Rainy season (वर्षा ऋतु), Invigorating = Energizing, refreshing (उत्तेजक),

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Colonial = Related to colonial times (उपनिवेशीय), Bungalows = Detached house, villa (बंगला), Independent = Free, self-reliant (स्वतंत्र), Descent = Lineage, ancestry (वंश), Alexander’s army = Soldiers of the Macedonian king, Alexander (अलेक्जेंडर की सेना), Martial traditions = War customs (युद्ध संस्कृति), Mainstream = Dominant trend, prevailing current (प्रमुख प्रवृत्ति),

Arab origin = Related to Arabian ancestry (अरबी उत्पत्ति), Culture = Customs, traditions (संस्कृति), Settled = Took residence, established home (बसना), Distinct = Different, unique (अलग), Theory = Explanation, hypothesis (सिद्धांत)

Coorg Difficult Words in English Page- 91

Embroidered = Decorated with needlework, stitched patterns (कढ़ाई किया हुआ), Kodavus = People of Coorg (कोड़वा लोग), Kuppia = Traditional dress of Kodavus (कोड़वा परिधान), Kuffia = Arab garment (अरबी परिधान), Hospitality = Friendly and welcoming behavior (मेहमान नवाज़ी),

Valour = Bravery, courage (वीरता), Decorated = Honored, awarded (सम्मानित), Firearms = Guns, weapons (फायरआर्म्स/बंदूक), Kaveri = A river in India (कावेरी नदी), Mahaseer = Type of freshwater fish (महासीर मछली), Kingfishers = Type of bird (रामचिरैया), Langurs = Type of monkey (लंगूर),

Mahouts = Elephant keepers or riders (महावत), Laidback = Relaxed, easy-going (आरामप्रिय), Rafting = Adventure sport on water using a raft (राफ्टिंग), Canoeing = Traveling in a river in a canoe (कन्यूइंग), Rappelling = Descending down a rock face using a rope (रैपलिंग),

Converts = Those who change their belief or behavior (परिवर्तित लोग), High-energy adventure = Exciting and intense activities (ऊर्जा से भरपूर साहसिक गतिविधियाँ)

Good Word Meaning of the Chapter Coorg Page- 92

Biking = Riding bicycles, especially mountain bikes (साइकिल चलाना), Walking trails = Paths or routes designed for walking (चलने के रास्ते), Trekkers = People who hike or travel on foot, especially in mountainous areas (ट्रेकर्स), Macaques = Type of monkey (एक प्रकार का बंदर),

Malabar squirrels = Large tree squirrels found in India (मलाबार गिलहरी), Slender loris = Small, nocturnal primate (स्लेंडर लोरिस), Canopy = The upper layer or habitat zone formed by mature tree crowns (पेड़ों की ऊपरी परत),

Brahmagiri hills = Mountain range in Coorg (ब्रह्मागिरि पहाड़ी), Panoramic view = Wide, unbroken view of an area (व्यापक दृश्य), Rope bridge = A bridge made mainly of ropes (रस्सी का पुल), Nisargadhama = A tourist spot in Coorg (निसर्गधाम), Buddhist monks = Religious men who follow Buddhism (बौद्ध भिक्षु), Tibetan settlement = Place where Tibetan people have established their community (तिब्बती बस्ती),

Bylakuppe = Place near Coorg with a significant Tibetan settlement (बैलकुप्पे), Robes = Long, flowing garments (चोगा/वस्त्र), Ochre = A light brownish-yellow color (भूरा पीला रंग), Discovered = Found or realized for the first time (खोजना), Heart and soul = Essence or core of something (आत्मा और मन)