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By | July 20, 2023
Coorg Class 10 MCQ

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Coorg Class 10 MCQ

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  Part- II Coorg     

                              By:- Lokesh Abrol


1. In which state of India is Coorg situated?

(A) Karnataka                                 (B) Goa

(C) Kerala                                       (D) Tamilnadu

2. Coorg is famous for its :

(A) coffee plantation                      (B) evergreen rainforests

(C) spices                                        (D) all of the above

3. The best season to visit Coorg is :

(A) September to March                (B) April to June

(C) July to August                           (D) all the years

4. How much area of Coorg is covered by evergreen forests?

(A) ten per cent                              (B) twenty per cent

(C) thirty per cent                          (D) forty per cent

5. From which river do Coorgs get water ?

(A) Krishna                                      (B) Cavery

(C) Narmada                                   (D) Thpi

6. The Coorgi people are famous for the tradition of :

(A) enmity                                       (B) selfishness

(C) cleverness                                 (D) hospitality

7. Coorgs are descents of :

(A) Greeks                                       (C) Hindus Aot

(B) Arabs                                         (D) both (A) and (B)

 8. Who was General Cariappa?

 (A) the first chief of Indian Army   (B) a great political leader

 (C) a great coffee planter              (D) a British officer

9. The freshwater fish of Coorg is :

(A) whale                                        (B) shark

(C)’ mahseer                                  (D) dolphin

10. We can reach Coorg by :

(A) air                                             (B) rail

(C) road                                          (D) all of the above

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11. The essay on `Coorg’ highlights the sharp observation and the ability for a graphic description of the wonderful land that is called Coorg of the writer _______.

(A)Lokesh Sawant

(B)Lokesh Abrol

(C)Lokesh Prajapati

(D)None of the above

12. This is a coffee-producing area in the Karnataka state of India.





13. Where is Coorg situated?

(A)midway between Hubli & Mangalore

(B)midway between Mysore and the coastal town of Mangalore

(C)midway between Bengaluru & Hubli

(D)None of the above

14. Coorg is famous for its _____ & ______.

(A)traditional food & dresses

(B)rainforests & spices

(C)local cuisines & places

(D)All of the above

15. What is the other name of Coorg?





16. What does the writer, Lokesh Abrol say about Coorg?

(A)It is a beautiful place

(B)It must have come from kingdom of God

(C)It is authentic & ancient

(D)All of the above

17. Coorg is the _________ district of Karnataka.





18. 30% of Coorg’s area is covered with ______.

(A)coffee plantations

(B)evergreen rainforests


(D)All of the above

19. Which is the best time of the year to visit Coorg?

(A)September to March

(B)April to August

(C)January to May

(D)June to September

20. The people of Coorg are ________.

(A)independent & brave

(B)of Greek or Arabic descent

(C)too egoistic

(D)Both (A) & (B)

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21. From the Brahmagiri hills, one can enjoy a panoramic view of the entire landscape of ____.





22. There is a ______ island of Nisargadhama near Coorg, which can be reached through a rope bridge.





23. Buddhist monks are settled in _______ which is very close to Coorg.





24. Land of rolling hills is also known as ______.





25. In Coorg, September to March is the most pleasant season for the tourists because _______.

(A)during this period, weather is perfect

(B)the air breathes of coffee

(C)animals can be seen closely

(D)Both (A) & (B)

26. What are Coorgi homes known for ?

(A)Their hospitality

(B)Their traditional cuisine

(C)Their traditional dresses

(D)All of the above

27. What is India’s largest Tibetan settlement at Bylakuppe famous for?

(A)Buddhist monks

(B)Buddhist temples

(C)Buddhist population

(D)Both (A) & (B)

28. It is said that a part of ______ settled and married amongst the locals in Coorg.

(A)Alexander’s army



(D)None of the above

29. What does the long black coat with an embroidered waist-belt Kuppia resemble with ?

(A)the kuffia worn by the Arabs

(B)the jubba worn by the Arabs

(C)the traditional dress of Kurds

(D)None of the above

30. In which of the following states of India is Coorg situated?

(A)Andhra Pradesh

(B)Madhya Pradesh

(C)Uttar Pradesh


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31. Why do some people feel, people of Coorg originated from Arabs?

(A)Because of traditional marriages

(B)Because of dresses they wear

(C)Because of their language

(D)All of the above

32. Which culture can be seen in the martial traditions, marriage and religious customs of Coorg?

(A)Arabic culture

(B)Alexander’s culture

(C)South Indian’s culture

(D)All of the above

33. Which dress is worn by the arab & the Kurds, as mentioned in the chapter, ‘Coorg’?



(C)Long black coat

(D)None of the above

34. The _________ is one of the most decorated in the Indian Army.

(A)Coorg regiment

(B)Coorg house

(D)Coorg soldier

(D)None of the above

35. The first Chief of the Indian Army,_________ , was a Coorgi.

(A)General Cariappa

(B)General Lokesh

(C)General Cadappa

(D)None of the above

36. These are the only people in India who are allowed to carry firearms without a licence.





37. Name the only river of the area, which gets its water from Coorgi hill.





38. The river Kaveri is full of______, a large freshwater fish.





39. Which animals are seen enjoying in the lap of nature in Coorg?

(A)Elephants & Langurs

(B)Birds, bees & butterflies

(C)Kingfisher & squirrels

(D)All of the above

40. The river and mountains of Coorg offer various adventurous games like ________.

(A)river rafting

(B)Canoeing & rappelling

(C)rock climbing & mountain biking

(D)All of the above


1. (A) Karnataka
2.(D) all of the above
3. (A) September to March
4.(C) thirty percent
5. (B) Cavery
6.(D) hospitality
7. (D) both (A) and (B)
8.(A) the first chief of the Indian Army
9. (C) mahseer
10.(D) all of the above
11.(B) Lokesh Abrol
12. (A) Coorg
13. (B) midway between Mysore and the coastal town of Mangalore
14. (B) rainforests & spices
15. (A) Kodagu
16. (B) It must have come from kingdom of God
17. (D) smallest
18. (B) evergreen rainforests
19. (A) September to March
20. (D) Both (A) & (B)
21.(D) Croog
22. (A) sixty-four-acre
23. (B) Bylakuppe
24. (A) Coorg
25. (D) Both (A) & (B)
26. (A) Their hospitality
27. (D) Both (A) & (B)
28. (A) Alexander’s army
29. (A) the kuffia worn by the Arabs
30. (D) Karnataka
31.(B) Because of dresses they wear
32. (B) Alexander’s culture
33. (B) Kuffia
34. (A) Coorg regiment
35. (A) General Cariappa
36. (B) Kodavus
37. (A) Kaveri
38. (A) Mahaseer
39. (D) All of the above
40. (D) All of the above