118. Reading Skills Comprehension: Green Building

Green Building

Read the following passage carefully.                                        

The buildings that we live and work to have a major impact on the environment since they consume energy and resources, and create waste. There are countless studies which show a direct correlation between occupant health and adequate daylight and ventilation. With our lifestyle and the majority of our time spent indoors, the design of our spaces is of great importance. Over the last few years, the term ‘Green Building’ has been used extensively by everybody. It implies these projects have incorporated measures like energy saving, water conservation and ventilation. The important thing to remember is that when we decide to build or buy a new home or office, ensure that it is Green certified. Secondly, even if your current space is not designed according to Green standards, you can still protect the environment by adopting a few simple strategies.

The first thing to be kept in mind is energy saving. Major energy consumption happens when we use appliances, air conditioners and for lighting. It is best to use 3 star or higher rated air conditioners and appliances at home. They are rated by Bureau of Energy Efficiency. We need to clean the air filters in the AC regularly. Turn of the plug when not in use. Chargers and appliances, even if they are not turned on, will consume electricity if they are connected to a plug point.

Water is fast becoming a scarce commodity and fresh water is bought in large tankers to most city homes and apartments so we need to save water. This can be done by fixing water-saving fixtures in bathrooms and by turning off the taps while brushing teeth. Recycling waste is another important thing that all of us need to do. Many cities have large, unsightly and ever-growing landfills surrounding them. These are not only an environmental hazard but a breeding place for disease-causing germs. Surprisingly landfills are filled with materials that can be easily recycled. Most countries in the world to trash in a segregated form because it becomes easier to recycle. One of the simplest ways to reduce waste is o reduce our consumption of items that produce waste.


1. Answer the following questions on the basis of your reading of the passage.

(a) How do the spaces we live in impact our life?

 (b) What does it mean if somebody tells you he is living in a ‘Green Building’?

 (c) While buying an air-conditioner what should we keep in mind?

 (d) Today conservation of water is the need of the hour. Why?

2. Read the following questions and write the option you consider the most appropriate in your answer sheet.

(A)’Green Building’ means ……….

(i) the building that is green in colour

(ii) the building that follows government rules

(iii) the building that violates the rules

(iv) the building made of bricks

 (B) ‘A three-star or a higher rating’ means ………….

(i) that it is a good product

(ii) that it will save energy

 (iii) that it is acceptable to both home as well as office premises

(iv) none of the above

(C) ‘Turn offs means …………

 (i) to switch on the lights

(ii) to remove the lights

 (iii) to switch off the lights

(iv) to put new lights

(D) ‘Trash’ means…………

  (i) things used in the kitchen

(ii) things used in the bathroom

(iii) plastic bags

(iv) something that we wish to throw away

Answers :

1. (a) The spaces we live in have a direct impact on our lives. A house should have a good amount of light and ventilation. We spend a lot of our time indoors so it is important that we design it accordingly.

(b) It means these are building that have incorporated steps such an energy conservation water saving strategies. Also, the ventilation in these houses is very good. This means we do not need to use the air-conditioners.

 (c) We should remember to buy a 3-star or higher rated AC as these are rated by Bureau of Standards. These AC’s will consume less power and they are more efficient.

(d) It is the need of the hour because water is a scarce commodity and fresh water is brought in tankers to most of the cities in India today. Water is the most essential commodity that man requires. Without water, there is no life.

2. (A) (ii) a building that follows government rules

(B) (ii) that it will save energy

(C) (iii) to switch off the lights

(D) (iv) something that we wish to throw away

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