99. Reading Skills Comprehension: Child Welfare Centers

Child Welfare Centers

Read the following passages and answer the questions given at the end of each:

The health of the citizens is the responsibility of the state. For this purpose, the state sets up health services, health centres, hospitals, maternity and child welfare centres. But all this has only a curative value. Diseases are located and cured. But the public is hardly educated in hygienic living. Prevention is better than cure. More attention should be paid towards the prevention of diseases that are being done. The preventive measures include vaccination, inoculation and above all instructing and educating the public in hygienic living. The school can play an important role in instructing the parents and pupils in healthy living. Through a programme of health instructions, the pupils can have scientific knowledge about the body and its functioning, the principles of hygienic living, the advantage of healthful habits and the means of preventing diseases. Health instruction is so important that it should form an integral part of school education.


1. Whose responsibility is the health of the citizens?

(A) self             (B) state

(C) UNO           (D) WHO

2. Which one is not the disease preventive measure?

 (A) vaccination

(B) inoculation

(C) providing jobs to citizen

(D) educating people about hygienic living

3. The school can play an important role in the prevention of disease programme by ————

(A) instructing the parents and students about hygienic living conditions

(B) organising vaccination programme

 (C) providing medicine

(D) providing mid-day meal

4. What should be an integral pad of school education?

(A) technical education

(B) moral education

(C) craft education

(D) health education

5. What is public hardly educated in?

(A) technical education

(B) hygienic ‘living conditions

(C) medical education

(D) craft education

6. On what should more attention be paid?

(A) employment

(B) a rise in per capita income

(C) holding fairs

(D) prevention of disease


1.(B) state

2. (C) providing jobs to citizen

3. (A) instructing the parents and students about hygienic living conditions

4. (D) health education

5. (B) hygienic living conditions

6.(D) prevention of disease

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